The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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Basic Principles of the Theory of Absolutes
By: Thomas Lee Abshier

The Conscious Particles: God has constructed the entire physical world using only three types of conscious particles:

1. The moveable particles: which are the positive and negative particles of the Dipole Sea.  The positive and negative Dipole Particles are the only particles in the Dipole Sea.

2. The stationary particles: are particles of the Matrix and we shall call them Grid Points.  These particles function as markers of distance, and thus create the possibility of space and movement.  

3. The Force Particles: are generated by the Dipole Particles to communicate the presence of E, B, and G fields generated by the Dipole Particles.  

Applying the Theory to experiments, questions about nature, expanding on and recapitulating concepts, applying the concepts to new contexts, integrating, justifying, and making the Theory more real:

Disturbing the DP Sea to form Wave and Particulate Energy: The positive and negative DPs are locked inside their positions in the crystalline organization of the Dipole Sea by an energy barrier (force) that must be overcome for them to roam free in the Sea.  The DPs stay in place until a signal arrives which is strong enough to overcome that stabilizing force of the surrounding positive and negative DPs, and magnetic alignments.  Until the time that force is applied to the DP, it will never move from its bonded position.  It will move randomly inside the space defined by that energy barrier, moving each moment in response to the summation of all waves arriving at that point, and only breaking free of that location when the activation energy (sufficient force) is reached.

When a sufficiently strong field or mass (both of which apply a force) influences the DP, the order of the perfectly crystalline DP Sea crystal is disturbed.  If this is a symmetric force, the pull will dislodge DPs from their crystalline positions, but the restoring forces of repulsion and attraction will cause an immediate renormalization of the crystalline DP Sea neutrality.  

In the case of pair production, the asymmetric force passing through a space of a  ray passing next to a heavy nucleus, the positive and negative DPs are restrained from rejoining, and thus, the conversion of the photonic energy into the polar mass energy of electron and positron.

But, in the case of a wave or photon passing through empty space, the DPs, once separated will rejoin, and the field organization of the wave will continue forward at the local speed of light.  In the case of a mass, that disturbance will continue forward at mass-kinetic speeds.  In either case, the differential in order imposed by the mass or wave (compared to the at-rest DP Sea) corresponds to energy carried by that entity.  This differential of “order and organization” is the basis of all energy.

Examples of static and dynamic energy storage by placing order on the Dipole Sea include photons, mass, chemical bonds, gravitational bonds, kinetic energy, nuclear bonds, spring tension, radio waves, capacitors, magnets, ice, plasma, steam.

The following section contains an overview of the many of the basic concepts of physics framed in the terminology and conceptualization of the Theory of Absolutes.