The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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Mass Energy Summary

Theory Summary

Origin of Good and Evil

Philosophy & Science

The Questions of Science

Science as Descriptive

Conscious Universe Postulate

Thought & Reality

Force & Consciousness

Conscious Particles & Fields

Caveat to the Theory

Energy, Entropy & Life

Conventional Physics Problems

Conventional Physics Paradigm

The Nature of Space

Unified Theory

Christian Metaphysics

Christianity & Science

Jesus as the Cornerstone

One Way to Salvation

Spirit vs. Matter

Secular Humanism & Evolution

Central Consciousness

God and the Creation

The Nature of God

Creation vs. Evolution

Body, Soul, Spirit

Free Will & God's Will

The Soul & Consciousness

Free Will & Law

Skepticism to Faith

Miscellaneous Concepts

Christian Apologetics

Origin of Evil

Mass, Energy, Space, Time

Dipole Particles

Neutral Space

Force Particles

Force Particles 2



Time 2

Time 3


Grid Points




Energy 2

Kinetic Energy

Kinetic Energy 2

Kinetic Energy 3

Kinetic Energy 4

Kinetic Energy 5

Kinetic Energy 7

Kinetic Energy 8


Momentum & KE

Momentum, KE & Inertia

Speed of Light

Speed of Light 2

Photon Velocity

Force Particle Velocity


Mass 2

Mass 3

Mass 4

Mass & Fields


EM Waves

Dynamic Electric Fields

Two Wires with Current

Dynamic Magnetic Fields

Current Flow

Mag Field & Current

Fields & Moving Charge

Moving Charge Effects

Magnetic Induction

Lenz's Law

Field Energy

Subatomic Zoo

Sub-Nuclear Forces

The Strong Force

Relativity Dilemmas

Special Relativity & MMX

Sound and Light Compared

Quantum Mechanics

 Uncertainty Principle


Central DP & Uncertainty

Uncertainty as a Rule

Quantum Structure of Mass

Allowed Quantum Energies


Charge Quantization

Energy Quantization

QM & Subatomic Zoo

Bose Einstein Condensate

Various Phenomena

Photonic Phenomena

Photon Structure

Photons in EM Spectrum

Radio Waves vs. Photons

Photon Wave Packet

Photon Field Model

Photon Angular Momentum

Photon Angular Momentum 2

Photon & Planck's Constant

Photon Questions

Photon & Field Discontinuity

Inverse Square Law

Photon Momentum

Field Superimposition

Wave Superimposition

Free Space & Photons

Photon Emission

Photon Generation

Photon Generation 1

Allowed Orbitals

Spectral Line Emission

Laser Light Emission

Blackbody Radiation

Particle Decay

Particle Decay & Relativity

Pair Annihilation

Pair Annihilation 2

Cherenkov Radiation

Cherenkov in Space

Photon Capture

Photon Absorption

Pair Production

Pair Production 2

Pair Production 3

Photon Reflection

Photon Reflection in Depth

Photon Metallic Reflection

Electron-Crystal Reflection

Photon Reflection 1

Refracted Light

Refractive Phenomena

Refraction 2

Polarized Light



Photon Scattering

Compton Scattering

Wave Particle Duality 4

Wave Particle Duality 2

Wave Particle Duality 3

Big Bang & Momentum

Field Theory

Potential Vs. Kinetic Energy

Fields & Particles


Earth's Magnetic Field

Photon Wave Shape

Dipole Sea Hypothesis

Dipole Sea Structure

Dipole Sea & Ether Theory

Dipole Sea & Energy Xfer

FP Spheres & Charge Motion

Antenna Essay

Battery Energy Storage

Electromagnetic Concepts

Electromagnetic Concepts 2

Electrical Permittivity

Magnetic Permeablity

Basic Concepts Summary

Mass Collision

Collison & Reference Frame

Particles & Fields

Field & Particle Interaction

Particle Field Generation

Charged Particles in Space

Charged Particles & Big Bang

Particle Physics Concepts

Consciousness & Particles

Quarks And Dipole Particles

Particle Alternative Theory

Inertia, Mass, Momentum & EM

Momentum, Inertia, & Momentum

Neutral DP Sea Polarization

DP Sea Polarization & Mass

Positronium Formation & Decay

Electron & Positron & DP Sea

Momentary Electron & Positron

E Fields & Charged Particles

The Magnetic Field

Particle Spin

Maxwell's Equations

Dynamic E Field

DP & Charged Particles

E & B field Energy Storage

Kinetic Energy & EM Energy

Superconductivity & Momentum

Collisions & Momentum

Energy Momentum Mass

Inertia & Neutral Mass

Torque & Magnetic Poles

Magnetic Moment

B Field around Conductor

B field & Current

Energy & DP Sea

Mu Epsilon of Space

The Inverse Square Law 2

Electron & DP Sea

B Field from Electron Velocity



Evolution vs. Creation


Particles Complexes & Spirit

EMG Interactions

Summary of Concepts

Particles & Fields

Dipole Sea Particles 4

Local Light Speed

Parallel Universes

Quantum Jumps

Particle Physics

Quark Theory

Neutron Structure


Neutrino Theory

Subatomic Structure

Quark Theory 2

Fermions & Bosons


Conventional Photon View

Ether & Michelson Morley

Reframing Michelson Morley

Relativistic Effects

Time Dilation

Time Dilation 2

Mass Accretion

Curved Space

Length Contraction

Light Emission at c

Problems of Relativity

Relativistic Mu Mesons

Relativity & Light Speed

Quantum Mechanics

Light - Mass Interaction

Orbital Superconductivity

Orbital Uncertainty

Electron Mass Persistence

Dual Slit Interferometry

Wave Particle Duality

Uncertainty Principle2

DeBroglie Wavelength


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