The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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The Theory of Absolutes
A Physics Theory Connecting Nature with God and Man
By: Thomas Lee Abshier, ND

1987 The vision
1992-2009 Manuscript & Theory Development
2010-Present: continued refinement and discovery/revelation

Pre-Publication Draft  – Includes Early Edition Manuscripts
This edition is not complete, error free, nor self-consistent between essays.
It is provided at this stage of completion to provide documentation of the theory’s evolution to allow discussion and critique

An Unconventional Apologetic
Justification for Belief in the Existence of God
A Rationalization for the role of Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior
An Argument for the Consistency of Biblical Text & Science
A Justification of the Logic of His Moral Law
A Hypothesis about the Creation of Space, Mass, Time, Energy, and Life
A Theory Connecting God and Creation through His Consciousness

Methods of Proof of Theory:
* Consistency of Proposed Theory with Experiment
* Broad Applicability of Explanatory Mechanisms to Physical Phenomena
* Logical Connection of Theory and Mathematical Models
with Hypothesized Law & Structure

The Theory of Absolutes
A Physics Theory Based on God’s Word and Science
A Theory with God at its Center

Gen 1:1  In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.  The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.  Then God said, "Let there be light"; and there was light.

John 1:1  In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  The same was in the beginning with God.  All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.  In him was life; and the life was the light of men.  And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

Relativistic phenomena are significant at speeds approaching the speed of light.  The Michelson-Morley Experiment of 1887 seemed to prove that light was not carried by a medium, thus physics has been left with a universe with no center or Absolute Frame of Reference.  The Theory of Absolutes postulates an ether (the Dipole Sea), a medium through which light travels, which can likewise explain the negative findings of the Michelson-Morley Experiment.  Distance contraction, time dilation, and energy accumulation are all natural correlates and consequences associated with the premises, axioms, and assumptions of the Theory.

The speed of light is the speed limit of the physical universe for particles and waves, but, consciousness has no speed limitation.  All Spirit communication is instantaneous, and pervades the entire universe each instant, such communication is merely within the mind of God.  But, for the purpose of creating the effect of time (sequential vignettes for a spirit conscious beings the effect of the message passes from Conscious Particle to Conscious Particle each moment only after having been processed sequentially.  Thus, the speed of light transmission of effect, even though there is an instantaneous knowing of spirit between the Conscious Particles.  

This solid sphere of message, known to every particle in the entire universe, could be called a “Force Sphere”. The Force Sphere radiates from every Conscious Particle, every Moment throughout the entire universe instantly. It informs every other Conscious Particle of its position, velocity, type, and current interaction, at every Moment.

By rule/law/design, each Force Sphere is allowed only a given quanta of active interactions at each Moment.  This concept is the principle of action which allows for expression of physical phenomena such as: the inverse square law, QED (Quantum Electro Dynamics), speed of light, and faster than light phenomena (Bell’s Theorum, EPD Paradox).  The allowance of only one active interaction is the principle which fundamentally requires conservation of energy.  

*** The lawful distance traveled by the Force Sphere is governed by the electrical and magnetic properties of the space the Force Sphere at the beginning of each Moment.  In microscopic terms, the speed of light is in Grid Points per Moment.  In macroscopic terms, the speed of light is equal to 1/square root of (mu)x(epsilon).  The electrical permittivity (epsilon) and magnetic permeability (mu) of space, determine how fast light will travel through it.  The mu and epsilon of space are physically measurable, and together they determine the macroscopic speed of light.  But, the speed of light we observe is actually a reflection of the underlying communication on the Conscious Particle and Force Sphere level creating that speed.

The body of the Theory of Absolutes is an examination of the various important physics experiments and theories.  The Theory of Absolutes is a defense of the postulate that all theories and experiments can be reframed in the language and concepts of the Conscious Particles.  If correct, the Theory will accurately model the sequential position, charge, and movement of all phenomenon, using the language and rules of Conscious Particles.  

Major divisions within The Theory of Absolutes

1) The Theory is first an examination of physical phenomenon on the sub-subatomic scale.  The Theory rests on the hypothesis that Conscious Particles mediate all physical phenomena.  And, that these Conscious Particles follow laws of movement, perception, and processing, which were embedded in their programming by God.  The body of the Theory examines many examples and types of physical phenomena to show that in fact the laws governing the Conscious Particles’ interactions may plausibly produce all experimentally observed phenomena.  Proof of the Theory is implied by demonstrating that the proposed laws of interaction logically predict and explain the details and mechanics of each phenomena.  The consistency of a limited set of rules (embedded in, and followed by, the Conscious Particles), and the utility of that set of particles in giving underlying structure and process to all the phenomena of the natural world, is its own proof of the Theory’s validity.

2) Secondly, the Theory examines the implications for life, society, law, interpersonal relationships, and faith of a universe filled with Conscious Particles created by God.  We are then faced with the question, “If the universe is a direct manifestation of the mind, intent, and love of God, then how should we live life?”

Personal journey:
In my journey as a natural scientist (engineer, chemist, physicist, theorist) the conscious particle was the missing clue that filled the gap of logical connection between the creation and Creator.  Having this single entity to manipulate and speculate how it acted to manifest the natural world, enabled my faith.  

From my youth, I was a man of logic and science, as I expected to find and know a sequential, cause-effect, experiment and evidence-based connection between the world of physical phenomena and the existence of God.  The revelation of the conscious particle was a gift and an answer to the prayer and cry of my heart for knowledge.  With that insight, I was able to accept the validity of the Bible, accept the nature of God as presented in the Bible, and then rationalize the need for a savior and accept Jesus as Lord (pattern giver and authority) of my life.

At the time of this writing (2011), over 24 years have passed since my initial insight about the spiritual nature of the universe.  The hypothesis of the conscious particle was the key to developing an intuitive-logical, reality and rule-based theory of life that connected all phenomena on all levels into a single rational paradigm.

The conscious particle
The conscious particle is the medium through which all the observable phenomena of nature manifest.  The conscious particle is the ultimately elemental object.  It can move, and does so in relationship to an absolute frame of reference.  Object, frame of reference, and sequential law-based movement enable the experience of time.  

Thought experiments

The movement of the Conscious Particles can be examined by thought experiments.  In the process of determining the True rules by which the Conscious Particles move, a hypothetical rule set is postulated, and then the Conscious Particles are watched in the mind as they interact under various conditions.  

Throughout each mind experiment, the question is always, “Does this set of rules require the particle behave in a way that would produce an aggregate phenomena identical to the observed behavior of mass and fields in real life experiments?”  

The fundamental laws of nature (i.e. the rules of action and reaction embedded by God in the Conscious Particles) direct each particle’s motion in relation to other particles.  To be an accurate/true list of the laws of nature, the set of rules must be invariant, consistent for all phenomena, and explain all phenomena as a natural consequence of following their direction.  

That full set of rules is the ultimate “Theory of Absolutes”.  This current edition is only an incompletely elaborated subset of the massive body of thought and debate that must occur prior to its canonization as law and fact by the scientific establishment.  In this edition, the majority of phenomena have not been examined under the light of the proposed set of laws.  That work is left for other scientists, philosophers, theologians, and thinkers of this and future generations.  Hopefully, adequate initial evidence, correlation, and reason are included in this first volume to give courage, motivation, and conviction to that future army of thinkers to begin the attempt to satisfy the stiff criteria of science, which will ultimately allow its adoption into the accepted body of scientific theory.

Personal journey to faith

Since the time of my initial insight, I have continued to review the concepts of college physics and engineering, and monitor the ongoing discoveries of science.  I have attempted to incorporate the conventional theories and phenomena of physics into a theory consistent with my insight about the connection between God and the physical universe.

Initially, my insight gave me the needed connecting reason and logic that justified faith in the God of the Bible.  But, as the years passed, I have found internal evidence beyond the strictly rational justification of God’s existence, which has enabled me to embrace the the decision to place Yeshua as the Lord of my life as known and felt Truth.  At that point, the Theory had done its work as a bridge to be willing to have a sure belief in God, and faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior.  In turn, this faith has inspired me to attempt to live according to the Bible and the teachings of Christ.  My faith has gotten stronger over the years as I have called out to God for insight, comfort, and intervention in the circumstances of my life.  Over the decades, I have seen the good fruit that this faith produced in my own life as I tried to discipline and direct my life according to Biblical precepts.  I have found that peace is available in accepting the sacrifice of Jesus as atonement for my violations of perfection.  I have found great wisdom, comfort, and insight come from listening to that still small voice of the Holy Spirit.

Tools of language for science developed
The Theory of Absolutes defines the Conscious Particles and the laws that govern their interaction, thus providing the elements of structure and rules of process for the man of science to manipulate these tokens with logic and experiment and give an underlying structure to the quarks, neutrinos, pions, and exotic particles of the subatomic zoo. The Theory provides a fundamental set of structural tokens (particles, fields, and reference frame) upon which to construct the universe and rationalize how in fact the hand of God manifested the creation.  The Theory implies a God currently involved in our world as a participant in the ongoing creation of life, rather than only as a spectator or initiator of the play.  The Theory gives us the objects to manipulate whereby we can justify the claim of God being the unifying force and presence creating and sustaining the physical and spiritual universe.

Theological implications of a physics theory
I saw my own paradigm of science, religion, and reality change as I saw the implications of this Theory.  And, I believe this Theory holds the promise of changing the hearts of men and nations by allowing all men to open their hearts to the God of the Bible.  After accepting the fact and truth of God’s existence, the heart can open to examine the revelation of His nature in the Bible and see his hand in designing the physical universe, in moving the chessmen throughout the play of history, and in the working of men’s interpersonal affairs.

The intelligent, logic based, open minded skeptic can with diligent searching come to a rational submission to the Lordship of Jesus Christ as the director and guide of our lives and souls.  With prayer, study, and openness to counsel, we can move in the direction of becoming the perfect man, and by faith and works, put on the mind of Christ.

The goal of the Theory is to provide tokens that allow a rational understanding of God, which can allow us to more easily submit our hearts to the transforming work of His Holy Spirit.  Understanding is of greatest value when it enables and motivates our choice of good and right action.

Personal motivation
I came to Christianity through an inspiration that gave me the faith that the gap between the scientific and spiritual world could be bridged, and thus retain my integrity as a man of reason while being a man of faith.  I saw how the Conscious Particles could mediate all physical phenomena, and as spiritual creations arising from God’s word and mind, they were the bridge between the world of spirit and matter.  This one spirit-matter entity is the building block, the elementary entity, from with which all of the physical creation has been assembled and mediated.

Since that initial vision, over 2 decades ago, I have remained inspired to give full expression to this Theory.  I see the pain and emptiness of life lived without meaning, and I believe that men will be encouraged to live life fully, courageously, and joy when they adopt the laws and ways of God.  Modern men are largely convinced by the evidence of reality and scientific proof.  Thus, scientists are the de facto leaders in guiding the philosophy of the masses.  The Conscious Particle is the new building block that gives our intellectual leaders, the men of science and reason, the tools, objects, and tokens that can give rationality to the realm of spirit as it connects to they physical universe.

Processing life through feelings and rationality

Introduction to the Terminology, Concepts, and Postulates
of the Theory of Absolutes:

In the Theory of Absolutes, I postulate that God created the universe as a projection from His consciousness into the darkness of the pre-creation universe, and retained connection to every point and being He created.  He created the mass, the substance, of the universe by populating space with several types of conscious points which we shall refer to as the Conscious Particles.  Each conscious particle has a limited set of abilities to perceive, process, act, and project.  Each conscious particle type has capabilities and limitations which fill a specific needed function and role in forming the substrates that allow the manifestation of space, matter, time, energy, life, and consciousness.  From this basic palate of elemental points of consciousness, God organized and constructed the stage, players, and play of the universe.

Acts 17:28  for in Him we live and move and have our being,

God brought matter, energy, space, and time into existence by giving rules of relationship to each of the conscious points that comprise the universe He created.  God did not have to use substance or materials from the pre-creation universe to fill the universe with matter.  Rather, He was able to create the fundamental substrate of the material and spiritual universe as a projection from His own consciousness.

What existed before the creation? This question cannot be answered from experimental data.  Both the Theory of Evolution and Intelligent Design concern themselves with the creation itself and how it was modified, rather than the pre-creation environment.  The Theory of Evolution posits a creation that formed the substance of the universe by chance and time without a directive intelligence.  The Creation Theory posits a universe created by a Creator, who purposefully designed the creation to meet His criteria.

The Godless, impersonal, evolutionary world would be governed by forces, and reflect the characteristics of the more elementary substance from which that world came.  Likewise, the created universe, the universe fashioned and formed by God, would reflect His nature, and no behavior contrary to that Godly nature would exist in peace.  

The Bible contains some hints about the pre-creation universe, but not a detailed description of its properties.  Science attempts to deduce the nature of that primordial state by projecting backwards, but these theories do not give a satisfying descriptive scenario because every statement or theory about what may have been the pre-creation state, is immediately met with the question of what was before that state, and how it arose – ad infinitum.  All theories positing a beginning ultimately fail as they fall into the unsatisfying trap of introducing yet another cycle in the infinite regress, with each layer revealing no fundamental origin.  Thus, I shall not attempt to answer the ultimate question as to the nature and originating cause of the first pre-creation universe.  

I will not attempt to give a final or definite answer to this questions.   I will not deduce and describe the ultimate pre-creation state or the mechanism by which it arose (i.e. the origin before which there was no prior cause).  Rather, we shall examine the postulate of a likely pre-creation state from which God created the universe.  We shall use the Bible and rational argument to provide our data points and justification for the validation of our conjecture about the pre-universe and origin of God.  Given that this is a universe of cause and effect, we are naturally drawn to answer questions of prior cause.  And, the most obvious question about the universe is, “where did it come from?”   Ultimately, my goal is to create a plausible theory consistent with Biblical and experimental/observational data that the universe was created by the God of the Bible.  

Questions we seek to answer

What is the nature of God, and what is the environment in which He lives?  From His perspective, how does the universe look?  What is inside the universe, and what is outside of the universe?  How did God create the universe?  Where did evil come from?

Premises and assumptions

We shall start with the assumption that God is perfect, eternal, and holy.  And, given that everything on earth has a polarity, we shall assume that God also has a polarity.  We shall simply call the space, force, character, state, or consciousness against which He forms Himself  – “Not-God”.  Of course, we could define God as the totality of all that is, both holy and unholy, and as the totality of all being, existence, and structure.  But in my first theoretical scenario, I choose to define God as the portion of the polarity that is holy.

I choose to define God’s polarity as the darkness, evil, and unholy as the “Not-God”.  I propose that God is God because He is perfect, in Him there is no shadow of turning, in Him is only perfect goodness.  In some unknown way, our good God arose out of that mixture of good and evil, dark and light, life and death.  He is pure consciousness, and He formed and separated Himself as holy, full of life, and separated from any darkness.  Likewise, the “Not-God” is pure consciousness, and committed to individuation, and domination of all others.  Life proceeds from the synergistic, loving, other-honoring state of Godliness.  Death is the ultimate outcome of the competitive struggle to dominate.

God purified Himself , separated Himself from the darkness, and became life in its purest form.  God is the polar opposite to the darkness, death, void, and chaos from which He arose.  The “Not-God” is the enemy of God, and is the polarity necessary to define and demarcate God’s existence.  God is defined by and identified with the light and life that He embraces and embodies.  The “Not-God” defines the edges of God, and gives a clear defining boundary of who and what He is not.

Later in the creation story, we see that the Son, the identical consciousness of God the Father, separate but fully God, obedient and submissive to the will of the Father, created Satan, the evil one.  Satan, as the agent of the darkness within God’s universe, allows a penetration of the “Not-God” into the universe that He (the Son) has created.  (This embodiment of evil, Satan, may have been a fallen angel, or may have been a special creation to personify and act as the polarity of goodness and advocate for the Kingdom of “Not-God”.)  

Men are challenged to overcome the same difficulties and temptations in life as God faced when He separated Himself from the darkness of the pre-creation.  Men play out a drama, that recapitulates God’s Olympian battle to turn away from the Not-God, in their battle to resist the temptations of life (lust, anger, greed, pride, and attachment).  Each man’s maturation as a soul depends upon his success in microcosmic replay of the struggle to separate from the evil of the pre-creation that the Father overcame.  The purification and maturation of the soul may be worthy goals for eternity, which gives incentive to develop habits and character that endure and give greater authority or joy in their heavenly exercise.  Impurity will not be allowed in God’s Kingdom.  Thus, those who embrace the dark side may enjoy the fleeting pleasures of rebellion against God’s moral laws, but the time on earth spent on such pursuits will have been wasted, and less reward will be laid in Heaven.

The purpose of God creating the creation and life, is to raise up souls and spirits as heart companions to satisfy His love nature in a lonely universe.  The play is eternal, the stakes are truly life and death, the risks of entering the portals of incarnation are high, but the reward of success is great.  Each man has a free will, and he can choose goodness and life, or rebel and hate the world that God has created.  We act out our love of God by obeying His Law and staying within the boundaries of a Godly life.  

In the Creation Theory according to the Bible, both matter and life were created by the Son (John 1).  In the Theory of Absolutes, the mechanism of that creation is that He projected His consciousness within His own mind, in a manner akin to how we create a dream character, only under conscious control.  Using this method, He created both the conscious particulate substrate of the universe, and the spirits that animate men.  The spirit essence of man is a point of consciousness, with the full nature of God, but without the expansive capability to act.  Thus, we were “created in His image.”

The first creative act was God the Father’s declaration of existence of the Son, as an identical image of Himself in the creative act of declaring, “I  Am, THAT, I Am”.  This declaration was an act of complete duplication of identity.  This explains the mystery of the Father and Son being the same, but different.  The Holy Spirit is the connection of communication, the thread, the cord of connection between the Father and Son.

The Son, is in a totally serving and loving relationship with the Father, and follows the Father’s directions in total serviceful obedience.  The Son was given the responsibility and authority to create the Conscious Particles by the creative projection from His mind; it was by command or creative declaration that their existence came into being.  In essence, the Son created the Conscious Particles by the creative command, “That Is”.  By the Word, all the worlds came into existence.  Thus, the universe of name and form came into existence by the Son, who is the YHVH, Jehovah, Yahweh, of the Old Testament, and Yeshua (Savior), of the New Testament.

The Father God does not look at the evil and darkness of the “Not-God”, which is how He was able to separate Himself from it.  He focuses entirely on the goodness of life and light.  To create the universe, and to allow sin, error, and temptation to exist within it, the Father had to delegate the responsibility for allowing evil to another, one as powerful and perfect as He, and one who could resist the temptations of the pre-creation darkness.  Thus, the Father God holds the polarity of total purity, while the Son maintains His anchor in life, light, and goodness by total submission to the goodness and way of the Father.  From this position of total grounded security in existence, the Son can see, live among, and create a world that has within it the potential for both good and evil.  

For the Father to maintain His polarity of existence, separated from the primal darkness, the Father has to maintain His eyes only on goodness, life, and light.  He does not allow darkness of any type into his being.  Thus, for the purpose of creating a universe with a meaningful play of existence, the Son created a world with the presence of both good and evil.  In it, men face the same real threat to existence and soul that the Father faced in choosing life over death.  Life is not a game, a pretend experience of God playing with us for His entertainment.  Rather, life is “playing for keeps”.  To maintain the universe, a structure of spiritual essence and creation, immersed in a sea of darkness that seeks to utterly dissolve and disperse it, the Father continually creates the Son, and the Son continually creates the universe.  The Son created Satan as the spiritual portal of evil, as the spiritual embodiment of the darkness of the “Not-God” that tempts men to rebel against God, disobey His laws, and hate His creation.

The Conscious Particles are the spiritual entities that form the ultra-structure of the universe.  The Conscious Particles are created points of consciousness that interact with each other according to the lawful restrictions and allowance of relationship embedded within each particle.  From the human scientific perspective, the subatomic particles interact according to the laws of nature, exerting forces which we name as electric, magnetic, strong and weak, and gravity.  

(Note: in the Theory of Absolutes, the Strong and Weak forces will be developed in a manner to show that they are both subsets of the electrical and magnetic forces.  Likewise, gravity may be a subset of these two, or possibly a third fundamental force.  But, the point is that the forces of fields, are actually the action of Conscious Particles producing the effect of what appears to be force by self directed movement according to the commands or information received by other nearby particles.)  

The aggregations of the Conscious Particles are held together by electrical and magnetic forces to form the subatomic particles.  The common subatomic particles (i.e. electrons, neutrons, and protons – the rudimentary constituents of the atom) and the exotic subatomic particles (e.g. pions, kaons, muons... formed by high energy collisions or by decay of larger particles) are the smallest level of particulate aggregations visible by force and energy type experiments (i.e. bubble chambers).  

Each particle of the subatomic zoo forms from a unique stable configuration of Conscious Particles, and groups of particles.  Each unique subatomic particle forms as a specific aggregate assembly of many Conscious Particles and particle groups.  Each subatomic particle forms as a dynamic, resonant, equilibrium assembly of attractive and repulsive magnetic and electrical forces.  The periodic relationship of stable configurations results in the ability to predict the existence of new, unseen, subatomic entities.  The full list of all the subatomic particles in the subatomic zoo is called the Standard Model.  

The geometric relationship of the Conscious Particles can be seen in the Standard Model.  The mathematics and modeling that predicts new particles and their relationship is a reflection of the underlying order associated with the complex interactions that produce stable configurations of particles.  For one illustration of the symmetry of the particulate subatomic universe see “A Geometric Theory of Everything”, Scientific American, December 2010, pg 54-61.

The possible relationships of God to the pre-creation universe include:

Pre-Creation Perspective of the Theory of Absolutes:

In the Theory of Absolutes, I shall examine the universe from the perspective that the Holy Bible was given by divine inspiration through Moses, the prophets, Jesus, and the Apostles.  We shall likewise assume that the Bible gives us factual and accurate clues regarding God’s fundamental nature, the rules governing His creation, and the optimum behavior of men in relationship to self, others, and God.  

The Bible only gives us only a few clues as to the environment in which God existed before the Creation, so we will not make a definitive declaration, nor theorize in depth about that realm.  Rather, we shall focus on constructing a pre-creation theory which segues with the manifestation of the physical universe, a motivation by God to create it, and a motivation for men to live in it.

Genesis 1:1.In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.  The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep.  And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.  Then God said, "Let there be light"; and there was light.

This passage is the Bible’s most overt reference to the universe before the creation.  Thus, if we are using the Bible as our source, we cannot say much with certainty about the nature and details of that pre-creation state.  Thus, we cannot say if there were other universes before it, whether there were other Gods that created their own universes, nor can we comment about the origin of God.  Without evidence, any theory about that state is simply conjecture, and without factual and true evidence, nothing can penetrate that barrier to give us a certain view into the nature of the pre-creation realm.  

Scenario 1:

Given the lack of explicit Biblical declaration about this realm, I shall make a few assumptions about the possible nature of God, the pre-creation universe, consciousness, and evil.  

I shall assume that God the Father exists separate from the evil or darkness.  His goodness is the polarity to the evil present in the pre-creation universe.  The good and evil together are the two polarities that constitute the whole of that pre-creation state.

God created our universe inside this pre-creation state, fully submerged in an ocean of evil and darkness.  God created our universe using His ability to project points of consciousness.  He gave animation (life) to those points by His life-mind-consciousness, but separated Himself sufficiently from those points to allow the personality of each point to move according to its given will and nature.  God is the life of every particle of the creation.  The movement of all particles was initiated by His command, and from that initial impulse, all actions and reactions follow lawfully.  God can move particles to create a miracle, but there is an cost to be paid to maintain the universe in its conservative state.  In particular, prayer balances the scales and allows miracles.  


The God of our universe existed prior to the creation in the sea of darkness.  But, in this scenario, we hypothesize that He resisted the temptations of darkness, and dwelt only on that which was good and lovely.  His consistent and eternal commitment to light allowed Him to become perfect in light, life, and wisdom.  His victory over the temptations of the darkness allowed Him to be the eternal and perfect God of our universe.  

In John 1 we see the story of the relationship between God the Father and God the Son.  It was the Son who then declared by command the existence of the Conscious Particles.  He embedded them with the laws of interaction that in macroscopic form appear as the laws of nature.  The Son created the spirit of man from His consciousness, just as He created all the Conscious Particles that formed the physical universe.  But, the spirit of man is a full duplication of the nature of the Godhead, but only a shadow of the power.  

God created men, each one with a unique eternal spirit, a soul/mind, and a body/brain to experience life.  He imprinted a human nature on each man, with a desire for both good and evil.  The spirit is the point of God-like consciousness and awareness.  The soul/mind is the screen of energetic patterns that the spirit perceives.  The body/brain is the organ of experience that feeds signals from the external world through the nervous system to the brain.  The brain/nervous system projects organizes patterns on the soul, which the spirit perceives and converts into a perception of the external world.  

Feelings/judgments are wired into our being from our nature, and shaped by our nurture.  Our goal is to conquer the human nature, to refine it, to use it as a tool of the divine, to overcome the temptations in an allegorical or metaphorical way.  The tests we face are related to setting boundaries, balancing individual and group needs, individuation, and all the tests associated with proper relationship (lust, greed, pride, anger, power, revenge, hurt, loss...).  

I assume the Bible is a work of divine origin, which gives us instruction, revelation, discipline, and exhortation.  The Bible is not an explicit revelation about the meaning and purpose of life, the state of the pre-creation universe, the mechanics of how the universe was made, nor a detailed list of the fundamental laws of the universe.  But any theory we create must be consistent with the laws of nature, the mechanics of creation, the nature of the pre-creation universe, and the purpose of life.

Science cannot give definitive answers about the pre-creation state, because its domain is limited to inference based upon evidence.  We cannot conduct an experiment on the pre-creation world, since it is at best seen only as a shadow or faint markings in our current world.  The Bible, the vehicle of divine revelation, gives only slight inference to the world before the creation.  Science is a discipline of induction and deduction based upon evidence.  It cannot function without data or experiment, since when lacking these elements it has no grist for its mill of induction and inference.  Thus, no philosophical or evidentiary system can make an absolute claim of Truth about the nature and origin of the creation and pre-creation state.  Science proves a theory only by a preponderance of evidence consistent with the theory.  But, this is not proof, only the exercise of strengthening a theory.  Science cannot conclusively and finally prove a theory true; it can only declare a theory false.  Theoretical invalidation occurs when an experiment gives clear evidence contradicting the prediction.  Philosophy can declare a theory incorrect when it premises and conclusions are logically inconsistent.  

We shall choose only a few hypotheses about the pre-creation universe and examine their implications.  We shall assume a universe filled with spirits prior that fought to survive and control each other.  The spirits of evil sought to subdue all others by domination and force, while the spirit of God sought to control by love.  Eventually the power of love swallowed up the darkness in light, and the Father became the entirety of the pre-creation universe.  The spirits of evil did not disappear, they were simply overshadowed by the light of goodness and life.  The evil that appears in our world arose because the Son allowed evil to be embodied and penetrate into His creation.  

After having set the stage, assigned roles for the characters, and initiated the play with a conflict of desires, we see the drama of life unfold.  The spirits of good and evil engage in an epic battle for the souls of men and control of the universe.  But, this is God’s world, and He is committed to goodness, even though He has allowed evil to run free, and attempt to overtake it.

The book of Job gives us a clue as to God’s relationship with Satan.  Satan was allowed to come into God’s world, and is embodies the archetype of the entire “Not-God” realm of evil.  The Son allowed Satan to be in His world.  The story is told of a time when Satan met with God, and God asked him if he had considered His servant Job.  Satan was given permission to test Job, not to kill him, but to challenge him in a way that he had not yet been tested, proven, and matured.  

The Bible also indicates that God created evil, and that Satan was a liar from the beginning.  He is called the accuser of the brethren, and the enemy of our souls.  He is called the ruler of this world.

With regard to Satan, in summary, I believe the darkness which the Father overcame was allowed to penetrate our universe, and God gave him personification as Satan.  God gave Satan the role of tempting men to follow the ways of the darkness (the realm of the Not-God) by allowing Satan to have strong access to the hearts and minds of men, to tempt, punish, and deceive them.  In effect, God created a world where the goal is to create companions in a love relationship, but to be truly mature requires developing the same character as God, in the recognition, avoidance, and resistance of evil, and developing the habits and ways of goodness.  Satan, the evil one, essentially gave God the Father the same challenge as he is giving us.  Likewise, Satan tempted Jesus, the Son, in the same way.  The result is a world which is a difficult maze in which to find Truth.  Life is not a game, nor a dress rehearsal, nor does it offer the opportunity to do it over if we did a poor job.  Life offers the same opportunity that God the Father had to embrace truth and goodness, and to reject evil, in the pre-creation universe.  Thus, to the extent that we adopt the character and way of God, we become like Him, and love His way and Kingdom.

Scenario 2:

Creation by “budding off” of Consciousness:

In the Biblical Creation Theory, all of creation, both matter and life, were created by the Son.  In the Theory of Absolutes, I postulate that there is no consciousness but God the Father’s.  The Son was the First Creation, and the mechanism by which the Father created (begat) the Son is essentially the same as the process by which the Son created all the particles.

The spirit of man was created by the Son, as were all particles, and life forms.  Man is special, in that he has the nature of God, but not all the ability or  the perspective.  Man has the capacity to think, feel, perceive, and communicate as does God.  We were created to be companions, creatures who could fill the heart desire of God for relationship.

The lesser creatures, such as animals, possess only a portion of the fullness of the nature of God, but are individuated in terms of personality, capabilities, and tastes much as are humans.  

The plant kingdom is less individuated on the level of spirit than animals.  The individual plant spirit arises from a particular seed, and maintains that spirit, regardless of the loss of leaves, roots, or branches.  But, when the plant becomes separated from its source, is transplanted, its spirit loses its connection with its plant kin, and becomes more individuated as an independent spirit.  

The individuation and capability of the spirit body associated with a life entity becomes even less as we progress down to the mineral kingdom.  At this level the larger aggregates of mass, such as bodies of water, land masses, mountains... have their own spirit group identity composed from the individual elements composing it.

The subatomic particles are virtually identical in their structure, but their sense of self is small; only enough to maintain their structure and movement.  On this level, the particle can gain or lose identity as its structure changes.  And, ultimately the Conscious Particles that compose the particles of mass are

The Creation of Consciousness:

God, the Father, is the source of all consciousness in His Kingdom.  He creates “other” by first concentrating His consciousness into two trains/aspects/domains.  This process could be seen as similar to creating dream or imagination characters and scenery within the mind.  Having divided His consciousness, He identifies one aspect of consciousness with Self, and another portion with the dream character or scenery.  To create the semi-independent consciousness entity, the original consciousness of the creator closes off communication and identification with the second consciousness.  

This process of separating the created from the creator is somewhat akin to birth and the individuation that arises by cutting the umbilical cord.  This birthing, budding, or creative process involves establishing a separation between the creator (first consciousness) and creation (second consciousness).  A fully new consciousness never forms in this process, since the second consciousness still relies on the original for its continued existence.  Thus, there never is a complete separation between the creator and created consciousness.  

The link between the creator and created remains forever, but the full depth of the union between creator and created is largely unconscious.  This heavy veil of unconsciousness prevents the secondary/created consciousness from realizing the deep and fundamental connection with its source.  

One of the important dramas, challenges, and processes of life involves the quest to reestablish this identification with Source, and develop a love relationship with it.  The most fundamental fact about the creation is its unity, but that central essence is the greatest and most important secret of the creation.  

The human spirit rides on a complex layer of conscious particle aggregates that form among themselves elements, molecules, organelles, cells, tissues, organs, systems, and ultimately the human organism.  The secondary layer of sensory and endocrine pathways, and processing pathways of thought and nerve regulation interface with the subtle soul bodies.  The the layered and compartmentalized complexity of the human organism is great, and it all serves to produce function in the realm of the organism with the spirit of man functioning as the “all seeing eye” that controls and experiences the play of organismic interaction.  The distractions of passion, the drama of life, and the depth of separation of the fundamental consciousness from the layer of sensory perception and processing hide well the fact of our intrinsic and intimate connection with the divine.  As a  result, few seek, and fewer find the clues that lead to the truth of our identity and connection with the spirit of God.

The process of God separating Himself into new consciousness is well characterized as “budding”, as there is no actual separation from God, only a separation of control and perception by the creation.  The created consciousness is a point of consciousness, as are all creations.  It has no dimension of depth, length, or height.  It has no arms, legs, head, hands, feet, or eyes.  The conscious point communicates and perceives directly, as in knowing one’s own mind.  But the consciousness and knowing the thoughts and perspective of another arise because of being routed through the source, the mind of God.  The channels to perceive the consciousness of another conscious point open by faith, hope, and love.  

God opens the pathways to perception, the hidden is revealed, and two dance as one.  All communication, perception and knowing of another mind pass through God’s connection network.  Ultimately, all conscious points are connected to the central God-source and are in fact a common consciousness.  What appears to be a communication connection between points is in fact a desire, a request, and an opening allowed and facilitated by God.

The experience of movement in the realm of the conscious particle is produced by changing the point of view within God’s consciousness landscape.  Movement of position and perspective in the land of pure consciousness is executed by choice.  Opening communication to perceive from another person, or point of consciousness requires permission and affinity.  Ultimately, divine authorization is required for anything and everything we do, think, or say.  Truly, we can do nothing without Him.

Prayer is an aspect of this process that involves asking God’s permission and blessing.  The critical aspect of communication is opening the windows of perception.  And, since God largely controls the opening and closing of those passages, we depend upon Him for the grace of thinking, speaking, and moving.  Without divine permission the gates stay locked, and we are alone.  

The Holy Spirit is the cord of consciousness connecting us back to God.  He is our gateway to the storehouse of riches, answered prayer, guidance, and a full heart.  The Holy Spirit is our personal representative and mediator between God and man.  We are never alone because of Him, and if we are open, the Holy spirit will guide and comfort us through the maze of life choices.   

As humans, we truly are created in God’s image.  We can feel, think, speak, and move, in a body, but the underlying capability reflects the same nature and form as our creator.  We truly are blessed to have been given the human form.  Praise and thanksgiving should be our daily worship for this gift.

Relationship of Father to Son:

The first creative act was God the Father’s declaration of existence of the Son, as an identical image of Himself in the creative act of declaring, “I  Am, THAT, I Am”.  

The Son, is in a totally serving and loving relationship with the Father, and follows the Father’s directions in total serviceful obedience.  The Son was given the responsibility and authority to create the Conscious Particles by projection or command by creative declaration of their existence.  The Son created the Conscious Particles by the process of projecting and separating mind.  But, in summary, it was by His Word, His creative command to come into being.  In essence, He created all the Conscious Particles by using the command, “That Is”.  He shaped and organized the Conscious Particles into elements, and through the processes of time, or by instantaneous formation of a universe with history, all worlds of matter and spirit came into existence.  The universe of name and form was created by the Son, who is YHVH, Jehovah, Yahweh, of the Old Testament, and Yeshua (Savior), of the New Testament.

Father and Son Relationship:

The Father God does not look at the evil and darkness of the “Not-God”.  He separated Himself from evil in the pre-creation universe, is pure, and does not allow evil into His space.  His nature is absolutely pure and good, and without shadow or wavering.  The Father separates Himself from the influence of evil by focusing entirely on goodness, life, and light.

The created universe contains both good and evil.  The Father did not create evil; it was the Son who created the creation.  The Son allowed the evil of “Not-God” to penetrate into the universe.  The Son allowed evil, sin, error, and temptation into His created universe from the realm of the Not-God.  Thus, to maintain His purity, the Father had to delegate the responsibility for creating the universe to the Son.  The Son is as powerful and perfect as the Father, but He bows to, serves, and follows the direction of the Father perfectly.  

The Son was (and continues to be) created by the Father, and hence need not maintain His existence by self-creation.  The Father is the source, the original seed, the generative point around which the entire universe was generated.  As long as the Father maintains His creative gaze upon the Son, the Son cannot be dissolved or lost to the pre-creation darkness.  The Father God holds the polarity of total purity, and the Son maintains His anchor in life by total submission to the goodness and way of the Father.  From this position of total grounded security in existence, the Son can see, live among, and create a world that has within it the potential for both good and evil.

The Father to maintains His polarity of existence separate and distinct from the primal darkness by holding His consciousness only on goodness.  But, for the purpose of creating a universe with a meaningful play of existence, the Son created a world with the presence of both good and evil.  In it, men face the same real threat to existence and soul that the Father faced.  The Father chose life, and all the tension, denial, and discipline that life requires, and shunned the relaxation, sleep, and ease of death.  

Life is not a game where God toys with us for His entertainment.  God has not created this creation to torture nor to ignore us.  Rather, His nature is love, and He has created the universe to fully experience love, in a lonely universe.  

The universe is a structure of spiritual essence immersed in a sea of darkness – an active darkness that seeks to utterly dissolve and disperse it.  Thus, to maintain the universe, the Father continually creates the Son, and the Son continually creates the universe.  The Son created Satan as the spiritual portal of evil, as the spiritual embodiment of the darkness of the spirits of “Not-God” that tempt men to rebel against God, disobey His laws, and hate His creation.

The Conscious Particles – Structure and Force:

The Conscious Particles are the spiritual entities that form the ultra-structure of the universe.  The Conscious Particles are created points of consciousness that interact with each other according to the lawful restrictions and allowance of relationship embedded within each particle.  From the human perspective, the subatomic particles interact according to the laws of nature, exerting forces upon each other which we name as electric, magnetic, strong and weak, and gravitic.  

From God’s perspective, each particle has the ability to perceive the presence of another particle, and move in a preprogrammed way in relationship to the other particle’s type, velocity, and distance.  The appearance of force repelling or attracting other particles is an artifact.  There is no spring or rod that requires movement of another particle.  Rather, particles choose to move, and do so out of obedience to the law embedded in their minds by God during its creation.  Each created particle maintains its type and identity, and functions in the role assigned by God.  

(Note: in the Theory of Absolutes, the Strong and Weak forces will be developed in a manner to show that they are both subsets of the electrical and magnetic forces.  Likewise, gravity may be a subset of these two, or possibly a third fundamental force.  The larger point is that field forces (e.g. Electrical and magnetic), are actually the action of Conscious Particles.  Their movement in response to the presence of other particles gives the appearance of a force.  When in actuality, all particulate movement is self-directed, chosen, willful, and lawful, and in relationship to information received by other particles both near and far.)  

The Subatomic Particles and the Conscious Particles:

The aggregations of Conscious Particles that form subatomic particles are held together by electrical and magnetic forces in a dynamic harmonic stability.  The common subatomic particles (i.e. electrons, neutrons, and protons – the rudimentary constituents of the atom) and the exotic subatomic particles (e.g. pions, kaons, muons... formed by high energy collisions or by decay of larger particles) are the smallest level of particulate aggregations visible by force and energy type experiments (i.e. bubble chambers).  

Each particle of the subatomic zoo forms from a unique configuration of Conscious Particles.  And, the larger subatomic particles assemble from aggregates of these smaller subunits.  Each unique subatomic particle forms as an aggregate dynamic assembly of a specific conformation of many Conscious Particles and particle groups.  Each subatomic particle forms as a dynamic, resonant, equilibrium assembly of attractive and repulsive magnetic and electrical forces.  The periodic relationship of stable configurations results in the ability to predict the existence of new, unseen, subatomic entities.  The full list of all the subatomic particles in the subatomic zoo is called the Standard Model.  

Implications of the Theory

Science versus Creationism:

We shall assume as an axiomatic hypothesis that God is an existent entity, and assume He has the ability to create law abiding particles using the force and abilities of His consciousness.

The question is thus, “What are the laws that govern the Conscious Particles?”  The answer to this question is the ultimate physics theory.  In it lies the unification of all physical phenomena.  Its answer may also govern, or at least largely influence, the processes of what we recognize as life.

Science has devoted the entirety of its intellectual force to the effort of proving the rationality of evolution.  Its correlate effort has been to develop an evidence set that validates that there is no God, and to do so an evidence set, and logical connection must be created that eliminates the logical gaps which call for God to fill.  

The best evolutionary hypothesis does not provide a convincing sequence that plausibly rationalizes a mechanism the jump from biochemical soup to the most simple cellular life.  Science provides no causative mechanism, nor tells a unifying story that answers the questions of the genesis of the substance and laws of the physical universe.  

Therefore, I have dedicated the efforts of this work to proposing a theory which gives rationality to the Biblical perspective of Creation.  

Pre-Creation Perspective of the Theory of Absolutes:

In the Theory of Absolutes, we shall examine the universe from the perspective that the Holy Bible was given by divine inspiration through Moses, the prophets, Jesus, and the Apostles.  We shall assume that the Bible gives us factual and accurate clues regarding God’s fundamental nature, the rules governing His creation, and the optimum behavior of men in relationship to self, others, and God.  In essence, this essay is a defense of the proposition that the Bible is true, and consistent with the factual and rational evidence of science.

The Bible only gives us only a few clues as to the environment in which God existed before the Creation, so we will not make a definitive declaration, nor theorize in depth about that realm.  Rather, we shall focus on constructing a pre-creation theory which segues with the manifestation of the physical universe, a motivation by God to create it, and a motivation for men to live in it.

Genesis 1:1.In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.  The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep.  And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.  Then God said, "Let there be light"; and there was light.

This passage contains one of the Bible’s few, and possibly the most overt reference to the universe before the creation.  Thus, if we are using the Bible as our source, we cannot declare with much certainty the nature and details of that pre-creation state.  Thus, we cannot say if there were other universes before it, whether there were other Gods that created their own universes, nor can we comment about the origin of God.  Without evidence, any theory about that state is simply conjecture, and without factual and true evidence, nothing can penetrate that barrier to give us a certain view into the nature of that pre-creation realm.  

Nevertheless, we shall make a few assumptions about the nature of God, the pre-creation universe, consciousness, and evil, and attempt to create a plausible pre-creation and subsequent creation scenario.  We shall assume that God exists, evil or darkness exists independent of Him, and together they form parts of a polarity that create a whole.  As described previously, God created by declaration.  From those declarations came the particles, and by command they assembled into successively larger units, moved by ballistic force, and intentional direction, the universe was created.  All actions, reactions, and motivations follow from the patterns and initial motion, and the divine interventions, given to the universe.

The God of our universe existed prior to the creation.  In that pre-creation universe, He may have struggled against the darkness to become the perfected point of consciousness, light, life, and wisdom, that allowed Him to be the God of creation.  The Father subsequently created the Son, who declared by command the existence of the Conscious Particles, and embedded them with the laws of interaction that in macroscopic form appear to be the laws of nature.

God created men, each one with a unique eternal spirit, a soul/mind for the spirit to perceive life, and a body/brain to feed sensory information to project onto the screen of the soul.  He imprinted a human nature on each man, with a desire for both good and evil.  The spirit is the point of God-like consciousness and awareness, capable of direct perception, but while associated with the body it only sees the projections from the soul.  The soul/mind is the screen of energetic patterns that the spirit perceives.  The body/brain is the organ of experience that feeds signals from the external world through the nervous system to the brain.  The brain/nervous system organizes and projects patterns onto the soul, which the spirit perceives and converts into a perception of the external world.  

Feelings and judgments are wired into our being from our nature and nurture.  Life is a process of conquering the human nature, and there is eternal benefit/reward associated with that victory/perfection.  The human frame and soul is given to us to refine and use as a tool of the divine.  Our task is to overcome the temptations both literally, and as an allegorical struggle against the darkness that God overcame.  In this we are family  The tests we face are related to setting boundaries, balancing individual and group needs, developing a heart for others, and learning to love and live God’s law.  All the emotions (lust, greed, pride, anger, power, revenge, hurt, loss...) test, try, and tempt the soul to develop strength against the various the forces that oppose God and His way.

In this study, we shall assume the Bible is a work of divine origin, giving us instruction, revelation, discipline, and exhortation about life lived properly.  The Bible does not give us a complete revelation about the meaning and purpose of life, the state of the pre-creation universe, a full description of how the universe was made, how life was created, nor a list of the fundamental laws of the universe.  But, if the Bible is in fact the Word of God, then any theory we create must be consistent with the laws of nature, the mechanics of creation, the state of the pre-creation universe, and the purpose of life.

Science cannot give answers about the pre-creation state, because its domain is limited to inference based upon current evidence and paleolithic evidence.  But, even at it very best, all physical evidence stored in stone and ethers were generated within the space and time after the Beginning.  Thus, the reflection of the pre-creation state was at best due to the initial conditions from which it sprang.  

The Bible, man’s organ of divine revelation, gives only slight inference to the world before the creation.  Science uses evidence as the basis for its theories, and without data or experiment, it has no grist for its mill of induction and inference.  Thus, no philosophical or evidentiary system can make an absolute claim of Truth about the nature and origin of the creation and pre-creation state.  Science can only deny a theory’s truth based upon the logical self consistency of a theory, and its consistency with the observed world.  Science, like human knowledge, can never reach a level of  absolute certainty about anything, thus life necessarily entails living by faith.  That faith may be the faith in adequate data and theory to make future judgment for mundane human action, or it may beabout faith about the promises of God and .  Rather, we must be satisfied by a level of evidence that prove absolute  can never absolutely declare the truth of an inferred theory, only give

We shall carry forward only a few hypotheses about the pre-creation universe, assume as an axiomatic hypothesis that God is an existent entity, and assume He has the ability to create law abiding particles using the force and abilities of consciousness.  The practical questions we must answer to give flesh to the Theory of Absolutes is, “What are the laws that govern the Conscious Particles?”  The answer to this question is the ultimate physics theory.  In it lies the unification of all physical phenomena.  Its answer may also govern, or at least largely influence, the processes of what we recognize as life.

Science has devoted the entirety of its intellectual force to the effort of proving the rationality of evolution.  Its correlate effort has been to develop an evidence set that validates that there is no God.  Science thus seeks to use the evidence set of nature to create the narrative of gradual change over time producing random collisions and ever-more complex assemblies on all levels, atomic, molecular, cellular, organismic, and ideological.  Thus, science has devoted incredible creative energy to validate the evolutionary narrative in an effort to eliminate the logical gaps, which are easily filled by the single assumption of God and His creative power and acts.  

The best evolutionary hypothesis does not provide a convincing sequence that plausibly rationalizes a mechanism that jumps from biochemical soup to the most simple cellular life.  Science provides no causative mechanism, nor does it tell a unifying story that answers the questions of the genesis of the substance and laws of the physical universe.  

Therefore, I have dedicated the efforts of this work to proposing a theory which gives rationality to the Biblical perspective of Creation.  

Free Will:

If the universe was designed around Biblical precepts, commands, history, and instruction, then the world, and all the particles composing it, must absolutely, and without error follow His Laws.  In such a world, every action, thought, and word must follow lawfully and sequentially from previous forces.  But, the logical extension of such a mechanistic and lawful sequence is the lack of ability to exercise volitional Free Will.  

But, simple observation by the most casual observer indicates that he can choose to perform or avoid any given action, and chose any available alternate action.  The Bible is largely about directing people in the ways of Righteous choice.  But, the Bible also makes reference to predestination.  Thus, if we are attempting to create a model of the universe that reflects the Biblical picture of life, we must make hypotheses about the structure and nature of a universe that includes and intertwines both of these concepts without contradiction.

To allow free will in a lawful universe, God must have designed humans with the spiritual-mental capability of choosing to exert force in a manner independent of their past.  The construction of the universe must be more complex than a simple mechanistic sequence of forces.  In other words, if the universe (and the human experience) is totally mechanical, like billiard balls colliding and rebounding, and thus without possible alternative trajectory based upon its past, then men are little more than animated bowling balls.  And, being realistic, rationalizing how men could have free will in a mechanistic world is problematic at best.  On a mechanical level, men have only their experience upon which to draw to make a decision about the next step they take in life.  Thus, the question is, “Where would the force come from that could direct a man’s steps in a direction other than in the path directed by his past?”  

To illustrate the problem of justifying the possibility of actual free will, note that a choice can be made by any of the following possibilities (and many others).  And after having used anyone of the following methods of deciding, the choice can then be withdrawn, and the opposite executed.  We can chose to base our next step on: 1) Random selection (a coin toss), 2) Impulsively saying yes or no to a future path, 3) Analyzing the benefits and costs and then deciding based upon carefully weighing the choices, 4) Praying for God’s will to be revealed and then waiting for a feeling, vision, voice, or guiding sign, 5) Etcetera.

But, even the most random  method of deciding can be broken down to its elemental level and the argument made that the decision was based upon an inexorable outcome since every moment followed from the previous life step.

The resolution of the problem is based upon the hypothesis that God has given men a spiritual vision outside of the world of the human experience of one’s past.  When we reach a fork in the road of life’s experience, we can choose to go one direction or the other, and life will unfold very differently dependent upon the choice we make.  We all know that in fact, we can make a choice in the direction we choose.  

The spiritual eyes can see possibilities of choice outside of all previous sequences of action and reaction.  Man can take any subset of elements from previous experience and evaluate the outcome of each potential scenario on the screen of the soul.  Feeling and seeing the outcome of each potential action allows us to make rational choices based upon any chosen value system.  

In this realm of evaluating potential actions and outcomes, we are unconstrained by the mechanistic dictates of the past.  And of course, man being a creature of habit, will often behave in a somewhat predictable spectrum of possibilities.  And, while there is an element of the predictable in this sequence of choice, there is no mechanical necessity associated with the action that arises.  Having made the free will choice on the level of spirit, the body and brain provide the mechanism by which to effect the chosen action.  

Thus, by entering a domain outside the realm of mechanistic interactions, where we can observe and process, a man can be truly free in the moment to make any decision foolish or wise.  But, man’s spiritual vision is limited, and he can only process and choose based upon his level of clarity of vision in the spiritual realm.  The more closely a man’s morality is consistent with God’s way, the farther and clearer he can see.  Likewise, a man with an moral character patterned after the lusts of this world, will see poorly, and will more likely fall in the traps of the tempter.  The freedom in Christ is the liberty to walk in the ways of goodness, and avoid the traps of this world.  The sinner who chooses to walk in the ways of darkness believes he is free, but falls in the pit he does not realize was already dug.

Regarding predestination, according to the Bible, God has an overarching plan that He wishes to execute throughout the ages.  The individual’s life may be predestined, at least in terms of optimum outcome and events, but this merely means that there are external forces and internal messages that will be operating on the individual.  Likewise, God may have plans to create the waves and motion that comprise the large moves of history.  He can use one agent or another to willingly execute His will to move the world as He chooses.  

Both God and the Tempter can move the minds of the kings to direct a nation unilaterally, or influence the masses to move in distributed ways to accomplish His ends.  The movements are unnoticed by the individual when they are small, seemingly random and ordinary.  Many small movements of many people produce the social/political shifts of an entire people or nation.  Such is the method by which the flow of history can be directed.  God can urge good action by impressing His will on the thoughts of men.  But, the voice of God is small, one of many, a still small voice, the voice of conscience.  

If we have a resonance with His voice, and if our mind and heart have been trained to respect the moral standards of Godliness, then we may feel an affinity to His leading, and our heart may be pulled in the direction of righteousness.  If we are clear, know the way of God and are committed to following His path, and are wise to the ways and temptations of the world, we can choose to act out God’s will.  And this is freedom.

Likewise, the Tempter can present thoughts that we may choose to follow.  If there is no moral barrier to acting out a thought, a man may follow his thoughts and/or desires and unknowingly play the part of the bad man, the villain of the play, and thus be part of drama to act out the plan of the ages.  If a man is deeply committed to choosing the ways of the Lord, and he is tempted by sin, he can choose to resist the temptations of sin regardless of the desire, or the strength of the Tempter’s stimulation of the mind.  A nation does not have to go the way of temptation.  A people strongly dedicated to the ways of the Lord can resist the downward slide toward the flesh and the selfish passions.

Freedom is a central principle in the creation of a meaningful universe.  A play which is scripted and acted has no significance to the actors, they are just reading lines.   For life to have meaning, there must be choice, true options, and commensurate consequences associated with those choices.  God has created the universe with the hope that we will choose to express our love of Him by following His way.  He wants us to live well and be fulfilled in the experience of life, which is the general reward for those who choose goodness, righteousness, and constructive behavior.

To create a world where freedom is a fundamental pillar of the universe, God has designed the world to allow evil, unrighteousness, and rebellion to compete with Him for the hearts of man.  His creation allows true choice in allowing men to actually choose to follow the way of God and the “Not-God”.  He has even give Satan the advantage, because sin looks attractive on the front side, hiding its unavoidable eventual pain.  Destruction naturally follows rebellion, but pain and death may come long after the violation of law.  God wants us to choose goodness and relationship with Him, and resist the siren song of the flesh and its temptations.  

The competition between God and another love must truly be attractive to be a valid test of men’s hearts.  The various hungers are the basis for men’s desires, and provide the tests men need to sanctify their relationship with the various spirits of life.  Every behavior, word, thought, group, and object has a spirit associated with it, and any spirit can be given a place in worship above God, rather than in its proper relationship with life.

There is a time and place for proper satisfaction of every hunger.  But, as humans we are tempted by unholy spirits to choose against the rules and way of God.  As we grow comfortable with resisting the 7 deadly sins, we realize that even the hunger to exercise virtue must be properly judged.  This challenge challenge to our moral judgment is more more insidious because we can easily elevate any spirit to the point of idolatry.  Idolatry is not isolated to the vices and pagan worship of earth spirits.  The spirit of the virtues can be given excessive adulation.  

When men worship freedom, peace, perfection, obedience, thrift, tolerance, choice, and/or equality, they participate in the same idolatry as the pagan.  Such mistakes are errors of proportion and understanding, held by men who do not realize the true nature of the universe.  By giving erroneous and excessive significance to one of the virtues, men elevate the virtue to a level higher than God has given it in the body of His Law.  Men justify actions based upon these elevated principles, and therefore organize the conduct of their lives in a manner opposing the natural order that follows from conducting life according to God’s Law.  Thus, pursuit of both vice and virtue are sin, in that they “miss the mark” of Godly perfection.

As we reject the temptations of sin in favor of the properly moderated life, we show our love to God and come into resonance with His nature and way.  We merge into being an extension of His personality and the essence of His being, and come into a full and right relationship with Him.  This is the nature of love, to have this intimate respect for and relationship with the way of another.  

God created us to have free will and freedom so that we could be satisfied in our experience of relationship, and have joy in the victorious overcoming of the forces that oppose us in adopting the ways of Godliness.  He desires our love.  And, love given freely is the only meaningful expression of love.  Love given under duress is slavery, and love without options is robotic.  God’s heart is satisfied in a unique way by the relationship with each of His people, thus he desires that all come to Him.  If as the Bible states, God’s nature is love.  As such, He will be most satisfied with genuine love given and received.

The Purpose of Life:

Life is simply an experience, which by itself has no meaning.  But, the joy of experience gives life meaning and purpose.  Joy is the greatest payoff and ultimate reward for living life.  There is no end that makes the journey worthwhile, no ultimate sand castle to build, and nothing that gives it significance other than the joy of the experience itself.  The journey is most joyful when it is continually aimed toward living and being in God’s way.  The journey of becoming more Godly is the equivalent of loving God.  That joy is most full when we confront and overcome the works of darkness.   Loving God satisfies His heart, and satisfies the heart of man.  

The original struggle that God faced was resisting the pull of the darkness.  Purification and separation from the Not-God realm were among the primal driving forces that God felt and motivated Him.  Thus, at our base is that same drive to resist destruction, death, and evil.  We can choose to follow the Dark Side of the Force, and we can feel a momentary thrill and sense of freedom, but we soon sink into pain and despair as we feel trapped by the consequences of that choice.  Rebellion against God’s Law is a seduction from the Not-God realm.  

There are two strong processes that give us joy: 1) Following God’s way, and 2) Resisting and overcoming the disasters, temptations, and slavery of the darkness.  We show our love of God by loving our fellow man and honoring/following His commands. By following His Law, we are resisting the temptations of darkness and giving him Lordship, which produces joy and gives meaning to life.  

Another principle that gives life the appearance of purpose is variability.  When the same drama is played over and over, there is no challenge.  Thus, life must offer struggle and reward with variability, consequences, and freedom.  Together, the struggle against evil, the reward of victory, the support of teamwork, and the celebratory and well-deserved rest, all give richness and meaning to a universe which is otherwise empty, chaotic, and without end or beginning.

Love, joy, companionship, obedience, survival, and overcoming are among the family of motivators included within the prime directive.  The opponent to the battle is the spirit that tempts us to satisfy the hunger of the flesh with the quick thrills of rebellion, or the false path of good intentions but wrong direction.  The end result of error, of choosing a direction other than God’s way, will eventually be pain and emptiness.  We live in a world where the ultimate pain of our choices is veiled, and we perceive God only vaguely.  Our blindness allows each man the opportunity to choose to love God with a truly free will.  If we saw clearly, there would be no choice.  

God did not create the universe to be deceptive, hold out, tempt, or play with us.  Rather, the universe was designed around the structures and forces that required the design we see.   

Free Will and Certainty of Outcome:

Free will in a world where the outcome and significance of every action is known with certainty has no deep meaning.  For example, there is no meaningful free will in the choice to give a robber your wallet when he has a gun, and has promised to kill you if you do not comply.  Risk is the element of life that gives effort its edge.  When life, wealth, and happiness are at stake, it gives a feeling-significance to the game.

Risk and free will are tightly entwined, and both are important in giving life meaning.  Without risk, the concept of free will would be virtually meaningless.  Likewise, risk would be meaningless without evil, pain, loss, and torment.  Thus, we depend upon evil, (the Dark Side of the Force, Satan, the Darkness, the Not-God) to deliver consequences to give meaning to the concept of Risk.  Thus, the principalities or darkness give consequences to free will.

In His battle for separation from the darkness, God fought them and won.  But, that fight continues in our world.  He has already won the battle, the universe is secure, it will not disappear, roll up, or disperse.  The universe is solidly built upon the Son, the chief cornerstone.  But, we must each win the battle ourselves, and we cannot do it alone.

God created the world and allowed evil to penetrate it.  Men were created in the image of God, meaning that man’s will has the same consequences as God’s will.  God the Father is isolated from our evil choices by the Son, but the fact is that choices to serve the Darkness must be paid.  This is why Jesus dying for our sins has “standing”.  God is responsible to pay the debt owed to the Darkness.  Jesus on the Cross paid for that sin, that error, with His blood and pain.  

But, we as men, limited in vision, although the eternal consequences can be quenched, can be paid for, there are consequences to choosing evil over good – bad things happen.  Of course, no one would choose evil if they knew up front the full consequence, but that veil of full disclosure makes free will possible.  

In essence, God is raising up a world of god-like men fashioned after His own heart.  If God had created a world where the consequences of rejecting Him and His way were obvious, the choice to love or reject God would be functionally meaningless.  

Thus in summary, there are two types of free will:


The Theory of Absolutes and Biblical Accuracy:

The Theory of Absolutes is based upon the premise that the Holy Bible actually does reflect the True nature of the universe and its laws, the nature of God, the purpose of life, and the optimum ways of man.

Validation of the Theory of Absolutes:

The Theory is validated by its consistency with, and applicability to, every domain of knowledge and experience.  If the Theory is True, then politics, science, psychology, economics, theology and the paranormal, philosophy, history, morality, etcetera can all be profitably framed and understood in terms of the language, forces, and entities described and posited by the Theory.

But, it is not possible to engage in a proof that examines all social and natural phenomena for their consistency with the premises, axioms, conclusions of the Theory.  Nevertheless, we shall consider the applicability of the Theory to a broad spectrum of the domains of life and its experience.  If the Theory is in fact literally True, as in corresponding with the Natural Law, then applying it as a model will be useful in its predictive capability, and all natural phenomena will be explainable with minimum complexity using its principles.  

The Theory makes such fundamental axiomatic assumptions about the nature of life, that it necessarily has implications about the True nature of this universe.  And, if these axioms are True and accurate facts, then using them should help us navigate life in a more effective manner.  By knowing the rules of life and understanding its structure, we can apply that knowledge to our free will and make better choices.  A more accurate model of life allows better prediction of consequences, and thus avoidance of pitfalls, methods of overcoming resistance, and optimization of outcome.   Ultimately, the purpose of philosophy of science and philosophy is the maximization of pleasure and minimization of pain.

The Conscious Particles – The Spirit-Matter Connection

The Theory of Absolutes rests upon the postulate that God populated the Creation with points of consciousness.  He spoke these points of consciousness into existence, and gave them autonomous life.  In metaphorical terms, He spoke the world into existence by the power of His Word and He breathed His spirit into each point of consciousness.  This life and spirit gave each point an awareness of self and others.  

Some particles were given the ability to move (the positive and negative Dipole Particles – DPs), and some were placed in an orderly crystalline matrix to act as the measure of distance (the Matrix Grid Points – GPs).  All the points were given the ability to communicate with each other by receiving information, which is transmitted between the Particles (DP-DP and DP-GP) by the Force Particles, possibly by Force Shells, or by a communication routing through the central consciousness.  The information carried by the FPs is processed in each DP and GP according to the rules and programs implanted within their memories.  Each DP moves a distance proportional to the summation of forces acting upon each DP each Moment.   

The DPs, GPs, and FPs are the smallest elements comprising the substance of creation.  Each of these particles at their essence is spirit, and thus the aggregation of many points of consciousness meld together to form the complex spirits associated with objects, concepts, and life.  

As individual entities, the particles embody only small aspects of the Mind of God.  But in their totality, the assembly of particles, the interaction of forces, the will and passion that arises within the individual and group reflect His nature and way.  

Acts 17:26  "And He has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth, and has determined their preappointed times and the boundaries of their dwellings, "so that they should seek the Lord, in the hope that they might grope for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us; "for in Him we live and move and have our being, as also some of your own poets have said, 'For we are also His offspring.'

The Fundamental Particles:

God spoke into existence two types of Conscious Particles – the Dipole Particles and Grid Points.  Each Moment, these two particles each generate de novo a third type of particle – the Force Particle.

1) The Grid Points (GPs): The GPs are stationary, were the first particles made, and occupy every volume of space.  They are the underlying structure enable the appearance of distance and movement.  The GPs define the extent of creation – nothing exists outside of the Matrix of GPs.  The Grid Points are stationary with respect to each other, and form the standard by which increments of distance are measured.  The moveable particles, the DPs (Dipole Particles) and FPs (Force Particles), move in increments of distance established by the GPs.  Hence, the Grid Points define the ultimately small infinitesimal of distance.  The DPs and the FPs perceive the Grid Points directly without the medium of an intermediate particle to signal their location.  The Grid Points enable the perception and manifestation of distance.  The sequential positions of the Dipole particles, in relationship to the GPs, manifest the phenomena of time and velocity.  With the establishment of the rules of perception, interaction, and response, the phenomena of mechanical cause effect, and rule-based interaction were enabled.  The rules of interaction dictate the speed of light, which is the rate of travel of photons, EM waves, and the electrical, magnetic, and gravitic forces.  The assembly and aggregation of these macro forces are dictated by the rate of movement of the Force Particles.  (In response to the passage of changing Electric and Magnetic fields, the GPs generate directional Electrical (E) fields and Magnetic (B) fields and manifest the phenomena of Maxwell’s laws. ???)

2) The positive and negative Dipole Particles (DPs): The DPs are the second type of Conscious Particles.  These particles were spoken into existence by God, and exist for eternity.  During the time of the creation prior to the Big Bang, the DPs were in a state of uniform distribution, without movement.  The Big Bang may have been initiated by God commanding the negative DPs from a volume of space to instantly move toward the center of the universe.  The repulsive forces acting between the negative DPs created a huge repulsive force, causing an expansion away from the center, thus producing the effect of the Big Bang.  God may have commanded an inflationary period as another miraculous intervention of command.  Over time, matter congealed into the various types of subatomic particles, and eventually atomic masses.  The Dipole Particles can move in relationship to each other, and move in relationship to the Grid Points.  The DPs communicate with other by generating Force Particles (FPs).  The FPs serve as messengers of electrical, magnetic, and gravitic force.  The DPs move each Moment (the smallest increment of time) in compliance with the Force-Distance rule.  The DPs emit Force Particles (FPs) that carry information about the identity of the emitting DP, its electrical polarity (+/-), magnetic orientation (N/S), and possibly an inward pointing gravitic message.  The FPs inform other DPs about how they should move in response to the originating DP.  The greater the concentration of FPs striking the effective volume of a target DP, the larger the force, and the larger the movement at each Moment.

3) The Force Particle: The FPs are the 3rd type of particle.  The FPs were not made by God.  Rather, the FPs are created new at each Moment by every DP.  The DPs generate a certain (very large) quantity of FPs each Moment, travel straight through the Grid Point Matrix at the speed of light, and continue forever toward the edge of the creation.  We shall define the edge of creation as the infinity point (∞ point).  (Note: the edge of the universe may be eternally expanding as it is filled with GPs and undisturbed DPs.  And, as the FPs reach the ∞ point, God may generate more new GPs, and Dipole Particles populating that new space which will allow the FPs to expand into that newly created space.  The GPs, DPs, and FPs will never decay and are never lost.  

The GPs, DPs, and FPs constitute the Conscious Particles that compose all the substance and structure of the creation.  The micro and macro field and particle phenomena all arise from various configurations, assemblies, concentrations, and complexes of these few particle types.  The spiritual essence of these particles is likewise the foundational elements

Spiritual Implications of the Conscious Particle Theory

All the principles and laws embedded within the substructure and substance of Heaven and Earth are a reflection of God’s will and plan for the creation.  The mechanical interactions of the particles of nature follow His rules of interaction without error or rebellion.  The foundational nature of the entire universe, including all particles and space, is consciousness and spirit.  As such, every particle can be commanded to move, whether to form the Creation or to manifest a miracle.  By command, God can initialize the creation as a tiny point from which to start the universe as a Big Bang, or as a pre-created universe with a history.  Likewise, His ability to command the spiritual entities (particulate, archetype, and aggregate) gives Him (and other spiritual authorities) the operating mechanism by which to manifest the miraculous.***

All phenomena, substances, and processes in the universe are spiritual.  We are spirits living in a spiritual world.  But for the sake of discussion, we shall refer to the commonly visible world of particles and waves as the “physical” world.  The realm of heaven, hell, and the spiritual world may be composed of an entirely different medium, possibly created by Spirit Particles residing in a layer outside of the physical world.  Or, the Spirit Realm may be composed of Spirit Particles superimposed upon the physical realm.

Alternatively, the spirit world may be composed of the same types of particles that compose the physical world, and the kingdom of Heaven may be formed by the connection of points in configurations invisible to the human perceptive apparatus.  In such a scenario the spirit world may be superimposed upon the physical, and there would be no awareness of its presence by the residents of the material realm.  An example of this type of superimposition phenomenon can be seen in the ocean, with its long tidal waves, which are invisible if we only watch it for a moment.  Or, the connect-the-dot type of games where the picture of George Washington’s appears only after the dots are connected properly.

Theory of Absolutes has theological implications.  It is based upon the assumption that there is a God, and that He is the origin of all Law, matter, consciousness, and meaning.  The Theory of Absolutes was written and shaped with the intent to create a rational model that harmonizes an understanding of the phenomena of nature with the precepts of Christianity.  The intent is to give laymen and scientists the courage to defend the rationality of the Christian faith by giving them a theoretical particle set, which operates according to a set of divinely designed laws.  Such a spirit-based mechanism connects God to all the phenomena of physics, and gives plausibility to a creationist theory of the universe’s origin.  Thus, the creation theory, which postulates such mechanisms, and accurately reflects nature, allows the Christian scientist to compete in the debate on the level of theory and rational argument with the Godless scientific evolutionist theory-base.

In The Theory of Absolutes, we shall not spend a great deal of attention exploring the mechanistic explanations to paranormal phenomenon, such as ESP, ghosts, flying saucers, precognition, Near Death Experiences, telekinesis, etc, but the Theory does have hooks which could be used to expand the Theory into giving a mechanism for these and other psychic phenomena.

The Theory proposes an underlying spiritual structure to the universe, and thereby gives unification and mechanism to all types of physical and spiritual phenomena.  The Theory’s simplicity, mechanistic explanatory applicability to all layers of physical and metaphysical phenomena, and its consistency with experiment and conventional physics theory by themselves give the Theory a level of validation.  If the Theory truly does offer such a foundational understructure and mechanistic-causal understanding of the creation, science, religion, psychology, and social interactions, the Theory deserves consideration.

This Theory is offered in the hope that a rational theoretical model of the physical universe that includes consideration of the spiritual realm at its heart will allow society to incorporate God and His Law as a central principle in individual character development, education, science, commerce, and government.  And again, a Theory which gives names and mechanism to particles whose origin is God’s creative act, will give Christian  apologists the rational-verbal tools to raise the debate about the existence of God and the validity of the teachings of the Holy Bible to the point of rational scientific consideration.

Physical law governs body and brain functions.  Neuronal configuration and organization enable the brain to perceive the spiritual realm – to an extent, (i.e. the material world is spiritual, and only appears physical because of the conversion of the pixels of spirit into a processed image perceivable by man’s spirit on the screen of his soul).  Spirit-level forces have an influence on the physical realm, but in most cases their influence is sufficiently subtle, and mechanism of action sufficiently hidden, that belief in spiritual power requires us to accept explanations for unusual circumstances with mechanisms other than coincidence.

The physical universe is mechanical to a large degree, but experiments have shown that mental intention can produce effects in the physical world.  The experiments of William Tiller, Ph.D. in his book, “Psychoenergetic Science: A Second Copernican-Scale Revolution” gives evidence using scientific methods, that the mind and intent can have an effect on physical substance.  

We live in a spiritual world that appears physical, but the illusion of an exclusively physical universe is so strong that a reasonable man can plausibly deny the existence of the spiritual realm.  The veil of physicality obscures the spiritual nature of reality, and few will see beyond that veil until the afterlife.  Which raises the question of why God has made the boundaries so strong between the physical and spiritual realm.  To this I reply that the blindness is necessary to create the environment for free will, error in judgment, lessons, learning and growth that has consequences in this life and eternity.  The complexity of the physical and the spiritual universe, makes life interesting, the obscurity of the goals, rules, and structures of life make Free Will possible, which in turn makes it possible to love God in a meaningful way.

If we live in a spiritual world created by God, then righteous human moral law and natural physical law are both an expression of the nature of God.  Natural law is an expression of how the physical universe must be organized to create the stage upon which the drama of life may be played.  God, as creator of all, has decreed physical law, and likewise declared moral law that was consistent with natural law.  The moral principles that guide behavior appear complex because the circumstances of life provide an environment where a pantheon of virtues must compete for dominance in any given situation.  

Secular Humanists often deny the existence or authority of God, and feel that man’s rationality and ability to judge goodness and govern himself are adequate – there is no need to listen to live life by religious doctrine supposedly decreed by a faraway God when we can feel and reason what is good for each man.  Such a philosophy has been well-encapsulated in the phrase, that “Man is the measure,” which can lead to the perspective that morality is relative and situational.  And, if one were to believe that life simply evolved and that no divine, caring, or personal influence was involved with life, then the Secular Humanist perspective is the most rational extension of that perspective.

The plausible rationality of various religious perspectives, creation scenarios, and moral systems are all necessary to produce a truly free will.  But, there must be an actual truth which men must be reasonably able to perceive and know if the concept of winnowing of souls, personal growth, and the satisfaction of victory are meaningful.  

God has built the physical universe with many degrees of freedom in the realm of action.  We can walk or stand still, build or destroy, live or die, speak or be silent, follow the dictates of fairness or skew transactions to personal advantage, and follow the guidelines of Godly sexuality or follow the animal passions of the flesh.  The multiple tracks of life result in complexity and doubt about the existence and specifics of Truth.  The moral confusion associated with the pull of animal passion, competing virtues, and the long term effects of each choice allows for the seduction of mankind into serving the flesh nature and rejecting the optimum solutions of mankind.  

God has set up the universe as an alternate lover.  He desires us to choose to be in a love relationship with Him, but the spirits associated with the alternate choices of life seduce us into worshiping and loving another besides God.  The flesh, the passions of life, the false seductions of immediate pleasure create an attractive alternative to following His Way.

God has given us a real choice, to love another besides Him, and we make that choice and show our loyalty and love by giving our bodies and hearts in service to the god of our highest worship.  Sadly, many choose the path of sex, drugs, and rock and roll, rather than the moderated path of loving God with heart, mind, and strength, and neighbor as self.

Modeling Human Psychology using Natural Law as the Metaphor:

As humans, we are always attempting to model reality in order to make life more understandable, predictable, and manageable.  The map is not the territory, and no map is as complex and accurate as the actual reality it represents.  Nevertheless, models and maps give us an overview and possibly accurate way of predicting how our journey will proceed in actuality.  

Obviously, the best tools to use for modeling an engineering project are symbols, calculations, and graphical representations to prepare for building a structure, machine, or circuit.  Clearly, using the laws of nature in conjunction with symbols of objects is an effective method for producing an accurate representation of reality, because we know the laws of nature so clearly, and can isolate and identify the laws applicable in each circumstance.  

But, the same tools can be used for mapping human nature and the psychology driving his actions, reactions, and relationships.  In fact, the various human drives and relationship scenarios can be modeled using the appropriate natural laws as metaphors and models.  

The applicability, relevance, and resonance of the laws of nature to the psychology of man is understandable since we are spiritual beings attached to a physical body.  All our actions are limited by the laws of nature which govern our structure and substance.  Thus, it is a worthy and meritorious study to create a branch of psychology dedicated to the modeling and predicting of human behavior and human interactions using the metaphor of the natural sciences.

Balancing the Pulls of Flesh and Spirit, God/Self/Other:

God has created us to learn to balance the pulls of our natural flesh nature with the greater satisfaction achieved by following the higher laws of heart, love, and relationship.  The two polarities must be integrated to achieve the potential fulfillment of deep happiness.  That higher law as it relates to human relationship is summarized in the scriptures of the Holy Bible.

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength, and mind, and your neighbor as yourself.” Luke 10:27

God has largely hidden the spiritual realm from the mind of man, and constructed the human frame so that it is capable of spiritual reception and projection to a modest and variable extent.  This allows the human heart to hear and respond to the temptations of earth spirits, demons, and to feel the prompting of the Lord, angels, and the Holy Spirit.  The human soul is biased toward satisfying the drives of self, which include pleasure, survival, pride, and dominance.  These drives war against loving our neighbor as self and loving God.  To realize the goal of loving God first, and neighbor as self, the human drives of passion and soul pleasure must be mastered by placing them in proper place, rather than exalted as supreme guides.  God has initialized the human heart with animalistic urges to insure our survival and to create a feeling of deep desire and investment in continuing to live life in His world.  

Remaining Fearless in the Presence of False gods:

The moral universe is governed by the considerations and needs of many layers, elements, domains, systems, and organizations.  As noted, the physical laws are one method of organizing and modeling the human psyche and its interactions.  Another system which provides a good organizing template for categorizing those moral, mental, and emotional domains is the metaphysical Chakra system.  This system has been associated with the New Age and Eastern religion.  

There may or may not be an actual underlying reality around which the chakra system is built.  Still, everyone has a nervous system, and we all display the elements and traits attributed to this psychological/metaphysical system to a greater or lesser extent.  

In general, Christians avoid using systems of thought associated with the East or pagan background.  But, the major threat to avoid is the seduction to worship false gods.  There are spirits associated with buildings, sites, cities, chakras, colors, directions of the compass, animal spirits, icons, relics, rituals, symbols, mantras, poses, sounds, tones, rhythm, fragrance, shape, drugs, animals, plants, objects, saints, prophets, avatars, and idols.  

We live in a sea of spirits, and it is impossible to avoid contact with all potential items and objects of worship.  Thus, one method of model life is to understand the reality behind each of the false gods.  By studying the various world systems, understanding how people are seduced and model life, it is possible to see how life could be organized in many alternate ways.  

The heart can resonate on many levels, to many tones, and the melody can change in a moment.  Learning to be flexible in how we live and model life gives us the tools to resonate with life on many octaves, and seeing each of these spiritual systems, and spirits, as simply aspects of the natural system, allows us to put them into perspective.  None of the earth spirits have absolute power over us.  Granted, we can be influenced and feel the presence and desires of the various spirits, but we do not have to capitulate to those desires or follow their direction.

The Moral Laws:

The moral laws are a counterbalance to the animalistic drives of the body and reflect the optimum manner in which life could be lived.  The moral laws do not force “right behavior”, rather, they inform us of God’s optimum patterns of life, which are the choices that give us the greatest long term experience of deep life satisfaction.  He has created a free will universe, which allows men the opportunity to choose long-term painful outcomes for a moment of present pleasure.  Man’s moral choices are limited only by the restrictions of physical law.

Moral laws do not direct men with hard and immediate force; rather, they guide our choices and inform us of optimal behavior.  They warn us of the suffering behind the seductive life choices.  Every action initiates a spiritual cause and becomes a source for the sequence of future events.  The source will eventually produce the outcome expected by the actions of moral law.  

For example, adultery has its own spirits and forces that it brings into play once initiated.  Competition, sorrow, estrangement, retaliation, anger, hurt, betrayal, and murder may follow in its wake.  The particular effects of adultery are not predictable, but the general family of spirits that follow in its wake can be generally predicted.  The spirit of adultery acts in relationship with victim and perpetrator, and the individual susceptibility of the host and vector dictate how the play will proceed.  

The Purpose of Sin:

The violation of moral law is called “Sin”, which is a word meaning, “To miss the mark”.  God desires the universe to operate in harmony with His perfect will, which is reflected in the Lord’s prayer.  

Mark 6:9  "In this manner, therefore, pray: Our Father in heaven, Hallowed be Your name.  Your kingdom come. Your will be done On earth as it is in heaven.  Give us this day our daily bread.  And forgive us our debts, As we forgive our debtors.  And do not lead us into temptation, But deliver us from the evil one. For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen.

Clearly God desires the Earth to be in a state of perfection, and He does not want imperfection to manifest on the earth.  But, imperfection is necessary to give man free will.  In turn, it is free will that allows men to choose between various value systems, behaviors, and passions.  He has given man the desire for immediate satisfaction of the animalistic passions.  But, these passions must be tamed and moderated, otherwise without perspective and wisdom these passions easily blind him and produce the long-term outcome of erroneous action.  Choosing to act on the passion is the easy, the flesh pulls toward accepting the natural seduction into error and sin.  God intentionally designed life to have conflicting pulls so that when men chose to desire and follow Him, God’s need for love and relationship was truly satisfied by this free gift of a man’s heart.  

God’s heart is perfect.  His way is sustainable.  He has created a universe which is truly meaningful.  His way is different than our own.  Without a change of heart, we cannot see Him as He truly is.  Without a reborn spirit, we cannot be in an adult co-creator relationship with Him.  Without being cleansed of the stain and spiritual consequence of our errors, we cannot come into His presence.  Without being purified, we can only have a long distance and filtered relationship with Him.  God is perfect, and He cannot even tolerate looking at imperfection.

God designed the world and the human soul to embrace sin with enthusiasm.  But, He also designed man with a spiritual channel of communication to feel and hear the voice of conscience, and hunger for knowing and living in His perfection.  This duality of desire, this internal pull of opposites, creates the tension around which we play our life drama.  This choice between following heaven and earth spirits allows free will on the very important axis of whether or not to follow His way.  God desires us to choose obedience to His Law and Way as our expression of love to Him.  But, the pull and nature of man’s heart is strongly seduced by sin, and the cloud of confusion surrounding right moral choices makes it impossible to perfectly choose God’s way.  

Having followed the passions of the flesh, our hearts grow to love and give our loyalty to those spirits.  Having embraced other gods, man’s heart does not resonate with God’s.  Our thoughts, words, and deeds reflect our heart and manifest the imperfection of our life performance.  The outer reflects the inner, and even the best human cannot flawlessly follow God’s way and consistently resonate with His heart from birth to death.  

Thus the need for a bridge between God and man.  We need more than a single experience of cleansing, more than a one-time act of accepting the existence of a God-man and His atonement.  We need a relationship with God.  We need an ever-present counselor.  We need the presence of a new and perfected heart to bridge the gap that makes it possible for imperfect man to be in full relationship with a perfect God.  

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God” Matthew 5:8

Jesus as the Son of God:

Jesus, the Son of God, was, and is, also God.  This unity of God and the Son is true not in terms of identity, but in terms of action, thought, and Word.  The Son was created by the Father by the creative act of the Father’s declaration of I AM -That- I AM.  

Exodus 3:13  And Moses said unto God, Behold, when I come unto the children of Israel, and shall say unto them, The God of your fathers hath sent me unto you; and they shall say to me, What is his name? what shall I say unto them?  And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.  And God said moreover unto Moses, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, The LORD God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, hath sent me unto you: this is my name for ever, and this is my memorial unto all generations.

The Father and Son are identical in essence, but separate in location, separate in identity, and separate in role.  The Son is submissive and perfectly obedient to the will and way of the Father.  The Father God is the original, timeless, uncreated I AM, the source, and first person of the Godhead.  

Yeshua (Jesus), the Son, the Word, is the Creator of the universe.  

John 1:1  In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  The same was in the beginning with God.  All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.  In him was life; and the life was the light of men.  And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

It is He, the Son, who was Jehovah God of the Old Testament.  He gave the Law to mankind, and directed us in the right way of life by giving the 10 Commandments.  As the Messiah, he lived a perfect life, directed people toward the Way of the most High God, warned people of the consequences of sin, and then unjustly suffered pain and death at the hands of the world.

The Father God loves every soul, but He is unable to even see imperfection, yet be in intimate relationship with an impure heart.  This necessity to isolate perfect goodness from the imperfection of man required that God assign the duty of creating the entire creation to Jesus/Yeshua/Jehovah.  Evil was created as a possibility because free will cannot exist unless evil, error, sin, imperfection, foolishness, ignorance, and rebellion are allowed as options for choice.

Matt 25:41  Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels:

The Place of Satan, Evil, and Hell in the Spiritual Universe:

The Son created Hell and Satan, and the entire hierarchy of the spiritual worlds with its principalities, powers, and rulers of darkness.  By delegating the task of creating evil to the Son, the Father remains isolated and insulated from the imperfection that is required to illuminate the beauty, joy, and peace of heavenly perfection.  In this world, perception requires polarity, edges, and difference for consciousness to register its existence.  In this created world of name and form, the good of Jehovah is opposed by the evil of Satan.  

Satan was created as a spiritual being and given an innate taste and passion for smoke, death, and destruction.  Just as the dung beetle pursues its daily ration of digested waste, Satan pursues the possession of souls and inflicting pain.  His hunger is for the nourishment of life in blood spilled by death, sin, and decay.  

Satan operates in our lives intimately.  Any violation of the perfection of God’s Law immediately opens a flow that drains us of spiritual power, bleeds us of life, and feeds this precious substance to nurture the demons of Hell.  Deception, exaggeration, minimization, implication and unmerited confidence are some of the tools used to deceive humanity into sin.  Satan and the demonic hoards desire that we violate God’s Law, rebel against and hate the restrictions and limits of God’s Kingdom.  Satan feels joy and power with the enrollment of each soul, whether partial or total.  He seeks to expand his territory, by enrolling new converts, and enlarging his spiritual footprint in each man’s life.  

Satan may be a fallen angel that rebelled against God, or he may be a created being.  There are references in the Bible that sound as though Satan was Lucifer, but other interpretations of these scriptures are possible.  Suffice it to say, Satan may have fallen as part of the play and method by how he was created.  Regardless of the actual genesis of evil, rebellion, and the demonic realm, the most important point is that God intentionally created Satan’s role of challenging God and causing death and decay.  

Prior to the time when Jesus died on the cross, the spiritual survival of the universe was in question.  Until that time, Satan was an undefeated foe who had real power that could have truly put the universe under his control.  But, the perfect life of Jesus, the unjust death of the Creator into his own creation at the hands of evil, gave lawful power to Jesus, the Savior, to override the sentence of death on us all because of our own imperfection.

God created both spiritual kingdoms – Heaven and Hell.  He set up the conflict as a competition for the souls of men and a battle to dominate nature.  God created the set for the play, populated the cast, made the rules for the play, played the protagonist, created the antagonist to oppose Him, and wrote the script.  But, He handicapped Himself sufficiently to make the balance of forces a true life and death struggle to create a real life and death battle for the domination of the universe.  

The battle was won when Jesus lived a perfect life, died inside of the world He created, was executed without lawful warrant to justify His death, and resurrected to life.  The warrant for authority Satan had been given was to sentence everyone to death who violated God’s Law.  Since all humans are imperfect, all are subject to death and Satan’s lawful warrant to dominate those who violate the letter of the Law.  But, when Jesus was resurrected, He proved that He was able to exert lawful superior authority over the kingdom of darkness and death.  The power to commute the sentence of death was now in His hands.

At this stage in the history of the universe and spiritual drama, Satan cannot dominate the entire universe, but, he can dominate individual souls.  Obviously, all who overtly put themselves as subjects inside his moral system are under his authority.  Likewise, Satan clearly has a superior influence in the lives of those who rebel against God’s law and follow what is right in their own eyes.

1 Corinthians 6:9  Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God. And such were some of you. But you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our God.

Those who have no spiritual allegiance are more likely to listen to the counsel and messages of the flesh, and follow the rationalizations and temptations that Satan speaks into the heart.  

In this world, we live at the center of a battle between two spiritual kingdoms where the the territory at stake is the individual’s heart.  Without a relationship and bonded loyalty to God, we have no allegiance to His way.  Without evidence that He exists, we wander without a foundation.  In such a weakened state, Satan can appear as an angel of light, and false doctrine that satisfies the flesh can appear true.  

John 8:42  Jesus said to them, "If God were your Father, you would love Me, for I proceeded forth and came from God; nor have I come of Myself, but He sent Me.  "Why do you not understand My speech? Because you are not able to listen to My word.  "You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it.  "But because I tell the truth, you do not believe Me.

The word Satan, means “accuser”, and it is his job to tempt the weak to follow his ways. He challenge the character of men, testing them with adversity and circumstances of compromise.  He tempts men to follow the lusts of the flesh with women, gold, and power, and when a man falls he accuses him.  Satan desires to bring more souls under his domination, and feels pleasure in producing pain.  

Revelation 12:10  Then I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, "Now salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of His Christ have come, for the accuser of our brethren, who accused them before our God day and night, has been cast down.  "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.

In God’s kingdom, Satan plays a necessary role, a function similar to that of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites.  Satan and his microbiological spiritual scavengers are opportunistic in their action upon the ignorant of the long term costs of following the flesh, and those rebellious against God’s law and His way.  The demonic hoards have an important role to play in God’s kingdom – they administer pain and death to all which is imperfect.  They are the agents of temptation and consequence to those who sin.  They provide the test and feedback to those whose allegiance is to the flesh and unGodly standards.

Microbes can overwhelm even the strong if their concentration is sufficiently high, the host sufficiently weak, or the attack deadly enough.  In general, Satan relentlessly challenges the human psyche with temptation, and maintains a constant search for any hint of weakness in the realms of desire and proper understanding of the law and structure of the psychic universe.  God protects those who are faithful and love Him, and He allows our faith and character to be challenged according to His sovereign will and plan.

Job 1:6  Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan also came among them.  And the LORD said to Satan, "From where do you come?" So Satan answered the LORD and said, "From going to and fro on the earth, and from walking back and forth on it."  Then the LORD said to Satan, "Have you considered My servant Job, that there is none like him on the earth, a blameless and upright man, one who fears God and shuns evil?"  So Satan answered the LORD and said, "Does Job fear God for nothing?  "Have You not made a hedge around him, around his household, and around all that he has on every side? You have blessed the work of his hands, and his possessions have increased in the land.  "But now, stretch out Your hand and touch all that he has, and he will surely curse You to Your face!"  And the LORD said to Satan, "Behold, all that he has is in your power; only do not lay a hand on his person."

Satan receives nourishment when men violate innocence, degrade character, experience pain from sin, rebel against God’s law and satisfy their desires, and serve darkness.  But, not all sin leads to immediate death and pain.  In fact, often the most vile prosper.  But, the power given to men in the Faustian bargain is actually derived from the consumption of their own souls.  

When a man violates God’s standards of righteousness, it corrupts his soul and a measure of his life vitality ebbs away.  Serving evil dissipates a man’s life energy, and transfers it to Satan.  Satan can use that energy to perform strong miracles for evil, and the rebel’s life may prosper for a while.  But, in the end he may awaken from the drug induced slumber of seduction and see that the pleasure today was paid for by degrading the substance of his own soul.

Satan is a destroyer, not a creator.  Satan is not the source of energy, only its user.  His relationship to life is parasitic.  He lives off of the creation and its organization by sapping, degrading, and dissipating the energy of organization, and then diverting that energy to his own purposes.  This process resembles the function of bacteria, which degrade the high-energy molecules of life, they then use the energy stored in those molecular bonds for the purposes of powering cell function.  

And like bacteria, Satan is only capable of attacking the weak and poorly defended.  Satan cannot attack the vital and well defended, which is the state and position of those who are fully established in the truth of nature and Godliness.  Those with weak moral convictions succumb to the temptations (attacks, challenges, misrepresentations, seductions, and flesh desires) and are degraded.  The pain of degradation can serve as a stimulus to activate the sinner against the invader, and thus to stop the further loss of function and life.

Thus, Satan serves as an irritant to our souls.  His attacks and the cost of capitulating to temptation stimulates us to retaliate by putting on the full armor of God and turning from our unGodly ways.  Thus, Satan serves an ongoing purpose in God’s creation, to challenge those who are weak in the faith, wisdom, maturity, and love of God.  The creation speaks to those with ears to hear and hearts that love truth.  It warns of the boundary between good and evil in the language of action and reaction to life circumstances.  Those who are wise, those who were chosen from the beginning (the elect), will quickly repel the attacks, recoil and retreat against the pain of sin, and choose life and Godliness instead.  All can turn from error, even those who were born with a spirit of rebellion, those who were raised to love evil, and those whose life track was predictably skewed toward the path of Satan from their birth circumstances and lineage.

Satan feeds on the emotional and body pain we suffer when we fall prey to his seduction.  Those who are poorly defended by wisdom and love of Truth swallow the bait of his lies, half truths, and superficial payoffs.  They then suffer the pain and decay lawfully coming due from their unGodly choices.  All who are awakened by the pain of sin, and resolve to live a new and Godly life will be strengthened in character.  New life, healing, and restoration of the soul will come to those who confess their error, and repent of their old ways.  

Satan continues to torment us with guilt, even after we have turned and renounced our old ways.  The guilt and death sentence we deserve for violating God’s law does not disappear when we stop our sin.  God has declared that the price of sin is death, and the guilt reminds us to accept the forgiveness available to all who claim the sacrifice of Jesus as the substitutionary recipient of our spiritual violations.  He challenges our faith in that sacrifice by tempting us to doubt our forgiveness.  He repeatedly tests our faith that God has commuted our sentence, and given clemency.  We must resist the temptation to guilt, and instead dwell on the truth that His sacrifice on the cross was sufficient and effective.  In time, the guilt and shame will depart, and we can stand tall before the throne, forgiven.

James 4:7 Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.  

God’s moral Laws are a reflection of God’s nature, and in turn reflect within the nature of physical universe.  God has established the boundaries of Satan’s intervention as a de facto effect of the structure of life.  God may be involved in a more directive way, as seen in the book of Job, where God asks Satan to consider testing his righteous servant Job.  We revisit the lesson provided by Job.

Job 1:8  Then the LORD said to Satan, "Have you considered  My servant Job, that there is none like him on the earth, a blameless and upright man, one who fears God and shuns evil?"  So Satan answered the LORD and said, "Does Job fear God for nothing?  "Have You not made a hedge around him, around his household, and around all that he has on every side? You have blessed the work of his hands, and his possessions have increased in the land.  "But now, stretch out Your hand and touch all that he has, and he will surely curse You to Your face!"

This passage implies a God who tests people, even those who are righteous.  But, we see that it was a challenge God allowed, rather than created.  Thus, we can assume that God allows challenges by the evil one, which can be one of the reasons for the difficulties and pain we experience in life.  But, such God-initiated challenges are not the only reason for the challenges of life.  

The most common reason for Satanic intervention is probably our own moral transgressions, which can be unique or habitual, purposeful or ignorant sins.  Satan can use these sins as the legal authorization to enter a life.  In so doing, he fulfills God’s purpose of challenging the imperfections of this Earth realm.  He produces pain in the minds and hearts of men, and thus causes men to confront their errors and ideally repent and raise their character to the standards and way of the Kingdom of Heaven.  In short, the Satanic attack produces pain and a reaction against it.  The pain should cause men to turn away from sin and turn toward Godliness.

But, Satan does not limit his attacks and temptations to the weak or sinful.  He will attack outside of legal authorizations and tempt those who have not violated the law.  He will challenge even good and Godly behaviors, attitudes and character, by false imputations.  He will use any actual violation or legal technicality as grounds to enter into a life for torment and enrollment of new souls into his service.  Satan is an administrator, thief, murderer, sadist, and strategist.  He uses his position and abilities to feed his own pleasure, and challenge our knowledge, skill, and commitment to Godliness.  He is the one who tempts to violate, judges the crime, and prosecutes the deed.

Satan’s influence and presence in our lives cannot be eliminated, but his temptation can be resisted.  By resisting, we eventually exhaust the energy he allots to attacking or tempting any particular soul or issue.  Our steadfast resistance to attack and temptation creates an unprofitable spiritual economy for his enterprise.  Resistance prevents him from receiving a profitable return on his investment of spiritual energy.  

To oppose the temptations of Satan, choose to dwell on the good and Godly.  This focuses the mind on creating righteous outcomes.  Occupying the mind and heart with expectations of goodness prevents Satan from appropriating our power of intention, mind, and emotion.  By resisting temptation and filling our minds with Godliness, he cannot turn our thoughts, words, and deeds to self-create destruction and decay.

James 4:1  Where do wars and fights come from among you? Do they not come from your desires for pleasure that war in your members?  You lust and do not have. You murder and covet and cannot obtain. You fight and war. Yet you do not have because you do not ask.  You ask and do not receive, because you ask amiss, that you may spend it on your pleasures.  Adulterers and adulteresses! Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God? Whoever therefore wants to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God.  Or do you think that the Scripture says in vain, "The Spirit who dwells in us yearns jealously"?  But He gives more grace. Therefore He says: "God resists the proud, But gives grace to the humble."  Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.  Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded.

Jesus, Yeshua, being God, lived a perfect life.  He was tempted as all men are tempted, but He resisted the temptation, did not sin, and was not subject to the penalty of death for sin as is every other man.  Thus, He was able to legally resurrect Himself from the hold of death after His unjust execution.  Death is a spiritual sentence, and being innocent, death had no lawful hold over Him.  After His death, He descended into Hell and set the captives free.  

We can likewise be set free from out captivity to sin by submitting to His Lordship.  He still sets the captives free.  We can ask for freedom, and He will give it if we recognize His Lordship, authority, and supremacy over the power of sin.  He will forgive us and commute our death sentence as we recognize His sacrifice, His Lordship, and commit to grow in submission and humility in His standard of righteousness.  

Hell was established as a place for Satan and his angels (messengers).  All who are rebellious against the way of the Lord are agents, or messengers, of Hell.  Hell is still real and still applicable as a threat to our lives and souls, and we should all remain humble and submissive to Yeshua as our advocate, defender, and savior.  We have no ability to remove or redirect the automatic consequences of our inevitable spiritual errors.  We cannot chant, meditate, do good works, sacrifice, or walk a sufficiently balanced life to remove the cause-effect consequences of our errors.  

This is God’s world.  We are living in it as guests and He wants us to love and embrace Him as Father and creator.  The rebellious child has self-separated himself from fellowship, relationship, and family privileges, but His arms are always open for us to return.

Luke 15:11  Then He said: "A certain man had two sons.  "And the younger of them said to his father, 'Father, give me the portion of goods that falls to me.' So he divided to them his livelihood.  "And not many days after, the younger son gathered all together, journeyed to a far country, and there wasted his possessions with prodigal living.  "But when he had spent all, there arose a severe famine in that land, and he began to be in want.  "Then he went and joined himself to a citizen of that country, and he sent him into his fields to feed swine.  "And he would gladly have filled his stomach with the pods that the swine ate, and no one gave him anything.  "But when he came to himself, he said, 'How many of my father's hired servants have bread enough and to spare, and I perish with hunger!  'I will arise and go to my father, and will say to him, "Father, I have sinned against heaven and before you, "and I am no longer worthy to be called your son. Make me like one of your hired servants."'  "And he arose and came to his father. But when he was still a great way off, his father saw him and had compassion, and ran and fell on his neck and kissed him.  "And the son said to him, 'Father, I have sinned against heaven and in your sight, and am no longer worthy to be called your son.'  "But the father said to his servants, 'Bring out the best robe and put it on him, and put a ring on his hand and sandals on his feet.  'And bring the fatted calf here and kill it, and let us eat and be merry;

Hell supplies a necessary polarity to the joyous goodness of Heaven.  Hell provides a place and method by which the most severe consequences in life are delivered.  Some process must occupy this position and Hell takes that position at the extreme bottom of all possible outcomes.  The universe is constructed as a cyclic flow from high energy to low energy, order to disorder, source to sink, inflow to outflow, and creation to destruction.  

Likewise, the emotions are meaningful only in opposition such as joy and sorrow, victory and defeat, love and hatred, excitement and boredom.  The same principle applies to good and evil, the two are illuminated by their relationship to each other.  Hell and evil provide the extreme ends of the polarity to Heaven and goodness.  

All these polarities are required to give life the real choices and substance required to actually create a world where free will exists.  In turn, the possibility of true free will makes “loving God”, or rejecting Him, a real choice.  The consequences and existence of Hell provides a platform where relationship has the potential for risk and reward.  And, Hell provides the ultimate deterrent, the ultimate aversion therapy, to dissuade men from pursuing evil.

But, still the human soul can choose to follow evil and adopt the heart of Satan.  We can can acquire a taste for smoke, death, and destruction and blind ourselves to the long-term consequences of error and rebellion.  The same spirit that motivates Satan invades and drives the desires of his disciples.  The seduction of a soul often begins by being victimized.  The training and reactions developed after the victimization are often protective and coping mechanisms, that may be appropriate or understandable at the time, but often they continue on as subconscious programs that run a man throughout his life.  

Often the victim turns perpetrator and fights against God, justifying his rebellion with accusations about a God who didn’t care because He didn’t intervene.  Such accusations are based on errors of understanding about the nature of the universe.  The rebel can develop from many paths.  He may have been hurt or seduced.  He may have been born with a strong will, or programmed with false teaching.  Still, God continues to call the rebel to repent and return to the good and Godly life.  Rebellion against God is futile, yet many still follow lord Satan and support his fight.  A shortsighted and distorted drug haze can possess the user after drinking from the cup of evil.

Theology and Government

Much theological-social turmoil has resulted from the debate about Right doctrine regarding salvation, sexuality, work, marriage, money, and government.  In modern times, discussions that include the topics of salvation and sexuality are considered to belong exclusively in the domain of the religious and theological debates.  The faux “constitutional principle” of Separation of Church and State, has been used by the enemies of God to justify the injunction  that theological concepts have no place in government and social policy.  The society has come to a place where the common wisdom is that such considerations are irrelevant and forbidden.

But, Right doctrine has consequences, both privately and publicly.  Having a proper view of life and the rules governing heaven and earth makes it easier to avoid the pitfalls and roadblocks of life.  And, those who approach life Rightly can take advantage of the rewards and possibilities afforded by the physical-spiritual universe.  

When considering applying theologically derived values to government, this brings up questions about the broader implications of the religion being embraced.  In particular, is Christianity, with its values, morals, and ethical standards, consistent with reality?  Can it be used as a true and optimal pattern for society?

Obviously, the words of the Bible should not be taken out of context and applied to situations with little commonality to the original lesson.   But, the Bible has so many layers of hidden meaning that we should be cautious in making quick, definitive, and declarative judgments about the meaning or applicability of any particular passage.  Jesus spoke in parables to keep rebels and legalists from understanding His teachings.  Great deliberation should be given to study of the Bible for the insight and perspective of Truth in provides.  This level of sober application of study, meditation, and prayer should be applied as we use the Bible as our guide in our daily personal lives, and well as using it to guide our public decisions of government and as a pattern for forming social organizations.  

Right understanding of the Truth represented by Biblical text, can guide optimum life expression.  But, gaining maximum benefit from its guidance, metaphors, lessons, and parables requires expanding its meaning beyond the literal context, and avoiding the temptation to apply its lessons literally to every seemingly similar life situation.  But, applying this directive opens the insoluble question of how to properly hold and apply Biblical precepts?  How dogmatic or flexible, specific or general, are its commands and standards?  Ultimately, the Holy Spirit must speak in our hearts, and we must study the words of the Bible to become familiar and tuned to the rhythm and spirit of His voice.  

We cannot be 100% sure of our evaluation of Truth and Right decision at every moment.  Nevertheless, we must proceed and act with faith.  Our faith is based only upon the training of the heart in right precepts by bathing in the words spoken by God.  The Holy Bible gives us words written by men who were inspired by God, and thus we have a vehicle for teaching our hearts to recognize His voice, and thereby tuning our senses to resonate with His guidance in moments of evaluation, choice, and decision.  

The Bible speaks in symbolic and general terms, and in some cases we see examples which appear contradictory.  But, close examination allows resolution by seeing how each specific lesson illustrates a different context, aspect, and/or circumstance comprising a larger whole.  An example of the multiplicity of interpretations available, and the complexity of understanding in the Bible is seen around the issue of salvation.  


In one passage the Bible says to, “Believe on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved.”  In another, simple belief in Jesus is considered inadequate because even the demons believe and tremble.  

Romans 10:8  But what does it say? "The word is near you, in your mouth and in your heart" (that is, the word of faith which we preach): that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.  For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.  For the Scripture says, "Whoever believes on Him will not be put to shame."  For there is no distinction between Jew and Greek, for the same Lord over all is rich to all who call upon Him.  For "whoever calls on the name of the LORD shall be saved."  How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher?  And how shall they preach unless they are sent? As it is written: "How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace, Who bring glad tidings of good things!"  But they have not all obeyed the gospel. For Isaiah says, "Lord, who has believed our report?"  So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

Regarding attaining fellowship with God, Jesus said, “I am the way, the Truth and the Life, No one cometh unto the Father but by me.”  Such exclusivity indicates a religion with fairly tight borders and boundaries.  And, while there is no doubt a good deal of subtlety and context that should qualify the spirit behind these verses, but the general idea presented in the Bible is that a relationship with Jesus is the way to have the most intimate relationship with the Most Holy Father God.  

I believe that the path to salvation must penetrate deeper than just believing the right words, and having the right understanding of the spiritual realm.  For example, while all humans are imperfect, many are intellectually modest in their processing capacity, few spend a large portion of their day studying theological questions, and even fewer master the entire body of religious questions, and having done so then hold those doctrines perfectly.  It seems unlikely that God would have created a universe where the primary consideration for salvation was perfect scholarship.  Such a bar is too high for the simple, ignorant, infirm, and poor.  Nevertheless, we should all study, learn, grow, and mature in the faith.  But, a perfect doctrine is probably not the primary criterion for being welcomed into heaven, or having a relationship with Father God.

The larger context of the Bible gives us clues that other factors important for salvation include: a love relationship with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.  The unmerited favor theory appears important since salvation by grace is a broad theme in Christianity.  To fully grasp the significance of salvation by grace requires a heart acceptance and appreciation of the pain and suffering of Jesus as a payment of the spiritual debt created by our errors and imperfections as humans.  

Salvation appears to include quite a broad spectrum of spiritual postures, realizations, feeling states, and understandings.  And on the other hand, the thief on the cross next to Jesus was promised that he would be in Paradise that day.  The Bible presents a path of salvation and spiritual growth that includes the following elements:

Clearly this is not a spiritual path that you can just “do”.  It requires works, faith, miracles, and a right heart.  If this path makes any sense at all, the Bible must be talking about living life in a way that cannot be described with simple “do” and “don’t do” formulas.  There is something complex and rich about the life with Christ and following His Law and way that cannot be spoken.  Thus, all efforts to justify and make it formulaic will probably end only in frustration.  In the end, I believe Christianity will defy containment and proof or disproof by logical argument.  

The most objective people may look at all the alternative religions and be convinced by the mountains of metaphorical, historical, coincidental, prophetic, and internal sensory evidence that the path of Jesus is correct.  Many who choose the Messianic Judeo-Christian way were born into a family of believers and follow the faith out of the inertia and programming delivered in early childhood.  Others were born in another religion or no-religion, and found their lives were painful.  They may have searched for an alternative, or were introduced to the gospel in some unexpected way and gave their lives to Jesus.  Their lives may have turned around totally and walked straight from then on.  Others may have gone back to their original life of debauchery and tried again later to live and hold to the path of Jesus.  Some have had an instantaneous miraculous change of heart, and others struggle with faith.  

But none of this proves or disproves the gospel or the significance and efficacy of its message.  Ultimately every man will walk his own path, follow his own desires, and use his own reasons to believe, and God will be the judge of each man’s heart.

The most common argument presented by those who question Christianity as a religious path is the disbelief that God would send people to Hell if they had not heard of Jesus, and hence could not have believed on His name.  Likewise, how could a good God create a universe where He would send people to Hell if they didn’t understand the significance of Jesus’ sacrifice, or were raised in environments antagonistic to His teaching and hence rejected Him.  And of course, there is the question about those who are raised in a non-Christian faith, and follow the religion of their youth with sincerity.  

I don’t know the answers to these questions, but I do believe God will make a proper judgment about who is worthy, repentant, and of the proper soul character to enter into heaven.  Regardless of the specifics of how God judges men after this life, I think it is better to believe and follow the teachings of Christ than not.  Life works better when lived in harmony with the way that the universe was designed and administered, and I believe that Christianity strongly reflects the way that the universe is organized on a theological, moral, and physical level.

Jesus/Yeshua, both as creator and redeemer, is the intermediary between Father God and man.  The Father’s nature is love, and man was created to be in fellowship and relationship with Him.  Man was created to be a companion to God, and member of His family.  Man has the potential to function as a satisfying companion to God because man has the same spiritual nature and essence as God Himself.  

Genesis 1:26  And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.  So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

Thus, the understructure of the universe must be capable of fully engaging, occupying, and interesting the heart, mind, and soul of both God and man.  The unfolding drama of life must be endlessly varied, unpredictable, and complex.  The world must contain many possibilities, realms of decision, and rules, all of which require the optimization on every axis of life such as love, justice, and profit.  Such a world will provide so much complexity that the limited mind of man will find it impossible to always choose the perfect optimization of thought, speech and action on all levels, at all times.  With so many seductions and pitfalls, everyone will fall prey to some emotional, mental, and spiritual trap.  We all violate the perfect way of God.  Every imperfection is sin, and as such we incur a debt that cannot be paid by any currency other than death.  Every sin is a capital punishment in the spiritual realm; and we incur a spiritual consequence by our ignorant, selfish, and rebellious actions.  

Genesis 2:16  And the LORD God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat:  But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.

Romans 5:12  Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned:

Romans 6:23  For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

But, the problem with sin is deeper than just committing or not committing sin, and asking for forgiveness and accepting Jesus’ sacrifice.  Our problem is being a sinner; and having a heart that is comfortable with practicing evil.  This is our daily struggle, to purify our spirit, and make our hearts more like His.  Salvation, belief, and correct doctrine are good, but the real benefits to life come when we develop the habit to live and feel life as He does.

The Father God cannot relate with any soul/spirit other than one that is perfect in its essence.  Such perfection is not possible to attain by power, meditation, discipline, or the will of man; thus, the need for the intervention of a savior who can cleanse us from the spiritual filth we embrace and consume.  Our sin creates a spiritual atmosphere of cause and effect, where the spirit of our sin follows us and creates an effect.  We cannot cleanse ourselves from this spiritual cloud, and we cannot walk in perfect righteousness to stay clean.  We may have good intentions, and we may love God, but the uncleanness of our spirit still prevents Him from being in relationship with us in our human condition.  Our good intentions will not bring us into relationship with the Father; our nature inherently separates us, we love sin, and He cannot even look upon it.  Thus, we are incapable of restoring ourselves to right relationship with Him by our efforts alone.  Thus, it was necessary for God to create a method by which we could be cleansed, a new heart could be implanted, and the unclean spirits that follow us released.

Thus, God has established a bridge, path, and way by which mankind can have relationship with the Father.  By recognizing the sacrifice of Jesus as the atonement, as the acceptable neutralizer of our sin, God can then again be in relationship with us.  

John 14:1  "Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me.  "In My Father's house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.  "And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself; that where I am, there you may be also.  "And where I go you know, and the way you know."  Thomas said to Him, "Lord, we do not know where You are going, and how can we know the way?"  Jesus said to him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.  "If you had known Me, you would have known My Father also; and from now on you know Him and have seen Him."  

1 John 3:22  And whatever we ask we receive from Him, because we keep His commandments and do those things that are pleasing in His sight.  And this is His commandment: that we should believe on the name of His Son Jesus Christ and love one another, as He gave us commandment.

1 John 5:9  If we receive the witness of men, the witness of God is greater; for this is the witness of God which He has testified of His Son.  He who believes in the Son of God has the witness in himself; he who does not believe God has made Him a liar, because he has not believed the testimony that God has given of His Son.  And this is the testimony: that God has given us eternal life, and this life is in His Son.  He who has the Son has life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have life.  These things I have written to you who believe in the name of the Son of God, that you may know that you have eternal life, and that you may continue to believe in the name of the Son of God.

We are confronted with what it means to believe in the Name of the Son of God. This is a command to trust in His nature, not to simply believe He exists.  We are to love one another as a concrete expression of our attempt to follow His way.  But, we fail because our hearts are impure.  We must continually work to heal from the damage sin does to our soul and relationship with God.  

Healing includes:

We are dependent upon His mercy.  We can only repay Him with gratitude for that divine restoration.  Likewise we are to appreciate the sacrifice of the Son, for His successful transit of the gauntlet of human suffering and temptation that allowed Him to be in a place of authority over the human soul and the restoration of its purity.  It is only through this divine intervention that we can obtain a full release from the spiritual consequences of our sin and come into relationship with the Father.

Our commitment to follow His way, and turn from the ways and temptations of the flesh, are integral to the gratitude for His debt-paying sacrifice.  The spirits that surround us are bound to us by cause and effect.  When we violate God’s moral law, the spirits have a right to act, and continue to act in our lives.  Until we fully cleanse them from ourselves, we are unfit for relationship with the Father, and until our hearts truly desire and embrace purity we cannot see Him.  The physical law reactions and behavioral, social, and soul repercussions of wrong action may continue to act in our lives even if God cleanses us of the spirits that we pick up because of our sin.  But, the spiritual estrangement from God will be erased as we accept and live in humble gratitude toward Jesus and His sacrifice, and maintain our commitment to walk rightly according to His moral law.  As we continue to embrace His way, our hearts gradually change to be more like His, and our hands will violate less, and our way will be straighter.

Thus, God’s commands to follow right thought, speech, and action are a gift, an instruction, and a codification of the forces that operate in the spirit, soul, and physical universe.  His moral Laws warn us of the complex soul forces that operate in the hearts and minds of men, and the consequences of following and acting on these temptations.  These unseen soul forces pull on the human heart to act and react to various stimuli with desire and aversion.  This results in the sequences of consequence that proceed with inexorable eventual conclusion.  Men are attracted to happiness and repulsed by pain, but the feelings of the moment are insufficiently precise in their instruction to guide us directly to optimal behavior and outcome.  

Evidence for a Spirit/Soul Influence of Matter

External soul and spirit forces can influence the neural circuitry, which in turn creates signals in the screen of the soul that are perceived as thoughts, ideas, inspiration, emotion, intuition, and impulse.  The Theory of Absolutes has correlates which provides for the possibility that spiritual forces (produced by the command of God, angels, demons, or intention) that can produce actual physical displacement of particles.  The command affects the entire group of Conscious Particles comprising an object, thus producing the effect of coordinated movement of mass.  

The effort to prove that soul and spirit forces can affect normal cellular and neural function requires the use of statistics.  In the normal miracle, the everyday spirit speaking to the heart and mind of man, probably only a small skew in the firing of neurons need be produced to generate thoughts such as the messages of conscience, the warning of future danger, and the temptations to satisfy the lust of the flesh.  Such extremely small electrical effects amidst the chaos of normal brain activity is poorly identified with the tools of modern science.

These momentary, single event, brainwave transients associated with the soul/spirit event will escape the statistical analysis of perturbation from the brainwave norm.  Thus, these soul/spirit/brain events will remain hidden in the background noise of metabolic-neural activity.  But, the fact that we cannot currently detect the individual spiritual signals that move neurons and consciousness does not confirm or deny the existence of the spirit-matter force connection.  

The Tiller Experiments:

The experimental work of Dr. William Tiller has examined the effect of human intention on inanimate physical systems and detected statistically significant effects.  One of his experiments measured the pH of water over a period of 14 days.  He introduced the effect of human intention into the system by having a group of 4 people imprint a simple electronic device, an oscillator, with their intent to raise the pH of water.  And in another experiment, he had the same group of 4 people imprint a different oscillator with the intent to lower the pH of water.  He then placed the imprinted oscillators in two different Faraday cages with a beaker of water with a pH electrode in each, and recorded the pH over the next 2 weeks.  The pH of the water with the positive pH intention imprinted device went up .2 pH units, and the pH of the water with the negative pH intention imprinted device went down .15 ph units.  He conducted other experiments that showed other small but similarly statistically significant effects on animate and inanimate systems.

The Soul, Spirit, and Consciousness:

These experiments imply that soul and spirit force can influence the physical states of matter.  These experiments give real world evidence to support the hypothesis that the metaphysical world of God, demons, angels, and people can influence the human psyche.  

How might these psychic/soul/spirit forces affect human behavior?  When these forces act on the neural process, they may activate neural pathways that generate, retrieve, or transmit thoughts, ideas, or feelings onto the screen of the soul.  The spirit is the person, the viewer, the one who watches the signals that display on the screen of the soul, and it is the spirit which has consciousness.  

Implications of having a new thoughts impressed from outside the person:

If God, demons, or men place thoughts, urges, and impulses into the mind of man, the man can still choose how he will respond and act.  Having new thoughts does not require or necessarily cause a person to act in accord with those thoughts.  But, new thoughts open up options for new behavior.  

Having established that the spirit world (from God, demons, and men) can plausibly influence human consciousness, we can hypothesize that spiritual principalities, entities, and forces operate at various points of opportunity in people and circumstances.  Each spirit has its own direction of desired outcome, and we must in turn choose our path given this play of forces.  Our circumstances are the context within which the spiritual forces act.  Our standards of behavior, morals, and prejudices are the filters we currently use to make general evaluations as to participating or avoiding an opportunity of the mind.  

An environment of temptation will provide the opportunity for sin.  On the screen of the soul will assemble the following elements:

The culpability of all men for their crimes:

This analysis has been pursued to show that everyone has a choice as to how to respond to every temptation.  The voices and images of nature and nurture appear on the screen of the soul, but, the Holy Spirit is also there on the screen of the soul projecting the voice, feeling, and/or images of alternate actions.  In other words, we always have a choice, and we are all culpable to some degree.  Parents should train their children in the ways of Biblical morality, and to recognize and follow the voice of conscience.  The child, adolescent and adult should realize that choices are always available, peer pressure, monetary pressure, and flesh temptations, can always be resisted.  There is no excuse for violating the Laws of God.  Total ignorance garners the least rehabilitative punishment, but the lesson still must be deeply imprinted.  Habits must be retrained.  Peer pressure, addictions, and illicit pleasure must be recognized and resisted.  And, malice must be replaced by a new, soft, and God honoring heart.  Each sentence and rehabilitation should be completed in the appropriate way as judged by the community.

The option of choosing the path of conscience:

The voice and presence of conscience may be small, and the voice of nature and nurture may in fact be large, nevertheless, man is not an automaton.  Men can examine the possibilities presented on the screen of the soul and they can choose Godly action and resist the habitual responses of nature and nurture.  In other words, every man is responsible for his actions – none of us have an excuse for our choice of evil.  We try to justify our errors with excuses about ignorance, habit, feelings, pressure, and past victimization.  And, given that we are human, we are imperfect in our judgment.  Not all crimes of the same type deserve identical punishment and rehabilitation.  Thus, we must allow for the mitigating circumstances of intent and knowledge to dictate the appropriate response to crime and moral lapse.  The ultimate outcome of rehabilitation is that behavior must change.  Society must take the role of parent and teach habitual adherence to the unbending standard of right action.  In general, the perpetrator should have learned the lessons of proper social behavior as a child.  The criminal must have a change of heart and mind as part of his penitence and return to society.

The influence of the spirit realm on the mind, heart, and circumstances of man:

The play of good and evil operates continually on the human psych, always competing for attention and enrollment of the human soul to serve its side.  Our words and actions give authority to the demonic and angelic spirits to act in the hearts of men and circumstances.  Each spiritual force seeks to expand its influence.  Good and evil compete to win the affection and loyalty of men, which is the prize each seeks tow win for their respective kingdoms.  

Submit yourself to God, resist the devil, and he will flee:

If a man chooses to follow the ways of God, the spiritual battle raging in his heart, mind, and circumstances will eventually be resolved in the way of joy, peace, goodness, and justice.  When evil operates in a situation, the promise of pleasure (women, gold, and power) tempt us to follow its siren call.  With wisdom, we realize the illusory nature of the payoff.  With development of character, we simply resist the temptation, and take an alternate path that leads us to goodness.

Satan, evil, and demonic spirits never die, but they can be resisted.   When we ignore their demands, they atrophy to from disuse and inattention.  When the demonic spirits attack, we can benefit by learning something about our susceptibility to temptation.  Each failure should be used as an opportunity to gain understanding and wisdom as to how to properly respond in the future.  Replace the temptation with righteous thoughts, words, and deeds.

Until the spiritual force is replaced with a new righteous spirit, the evil spirits initiated in our lives will continue to act like a virus or life force.  It will reproduce, infect and spread its influence from one person to the next and pollute a population of those who are susceptible.  There is no limit to the debt or repayment that evil can extract once released into a life.  Like a virus, evil is a living spirit that reproduces its own, and seeks to claim every soul as its victim and host/servant.  Evil uses the principle of repayment of debt as the legal basis upon which to justify entry into a life.  But, the sickness, pain, and death produced by sin acting in a life never actually retires the debt.  Once present, an evil spirit continues to act, spreading from one portion of a life to the next, taking every undefended portion of that life.  

James 4:7  Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.

Resist evil by replacing those thoughts with thoughts of righteous actions.  The evil spirits will eventually be reduced to ineffectiveness by depriving them of attention and service.  When the offender and offended recognize the error that allows evil to grow and survive, and they repent and change their hearts and minds to embrace goodness, the spirit of evil that infects their lives will diminish its hold and voice, and eventually leave.

The 10 Commandments: Embedding Moral Law in the Life:

The moral laws, the Commandments, warn of the long-term pain associated with wrong choices.  As humans, we truly do have free will in terms of choice, but we have no ability to separate the spiritual response from our actions.  Hence, God’s Commandments to men regarding moral conduct are the equivalent of a wise and loving Father giving instruction to his children about how to avoid pain and succeed in life.  The Commandments advise us how to live life well.  But even with this warning, our spiritual eyes see only dimly the heaven and hell-world forces operating in our lives.  And, as frail flesh we fall prey to seduction and fail because of ignorance.  

The Authority of Jesus over the Spiritual Powers:

By following the rules of life perfectly, we optimize our pleasure and minimize our pain. And by living life perfectly, we are able to be in the presence of God the Father, who can only look upon perfection.  But since we will fail and miss the mark, we are estranged from God, and we will suffer the pain of the spiritual forces that we have released by our own failure and sin.  Since all our efforts are inevitably imperfect, we must rely on the gift of Jesus’ sacrifice as the atonement for our sins.  By opening our hearts to Him, we are allowing the force of God’s authority to cast out the demonic influence in our lives.  Jesus earned that right to speak to all the demonic hordes, because he violated no law.  They have no authority over Him, and He has all authority over them.  

To appropriate His authority over the demonic realm in my life, I must submit myself to His Lordship.  I must recognize that His way is THE right way, and that He has authority over the demonic forces because of His victorious fight.  At the command of the Father, he obediently submitted Himself to their authority on the false accusation of guilt, and then allowed Himself to be taken (or to go) into Hell.  But, even the strongest spiritual force applied against Yeshua to possess, imprison, and neutralize Him was ineffective.  He had given them no legal grounds.  Thus, to have His power act in my life, I must actually be of the same mind as Christ, completely committed to the ways of God.  

When we have an attitude of humility, recognizing Him as the authority and leader in our lives, we are in a posture of submission to His way.  That posture allows us to let Him work in our lives to apply the spiritual force necessary to cleanse us from the self-created evil that surrounds us.  Our humility and gratitude for His sacrifice are part of the posture of the soul that allows our hearts to receive the gift.  Likewise, our recognition of powerlessness in self-salvation removes the barriers for Him to act on our behalf.

Spiritual and Physical Law:

The world is composed only of spirit, and the spirit defines the Law, that is, the ways of allowed and prohibited interaction.  There are two domains of law, the physical and spiritual domains.  The physical domain refers to the laws of nature, and the spiritual domain refers to the moral laws of behavior.  The moral laws are the allowed and prohibited interactions of spirit to spirit.  

Since the world is only spirit, the distinction between physical and spiritual law is somewhat arbitrary, but the distinction is made because from the human frame we naturally organize and separate life into the domains of the seen and unseen.  

The first task of the Theory of Absolutes is to overtly and explicitly elaborate the allowed spiritual commands and their responses, which in turn produce the actions and reactions seen in the physical world.  Secondarily, the Theory of Absolutes considers the spiritual Laws which govern the realm of spirit commanding and responding to spirit.  

In the spiritual realm, God, demons, and man can exert spiritual force.  Obviously, if God allowed His force and action to have full authority at all times, men would have no free will, we would all be puppets and automatons that followed the direction of God’s power and authority.  Thus, when God structured the universe, He designed it so that He allowed Himself only a limited expression of power, and gave authority and power to both men and demons to have influence in the world.  

God has given us the Bible as roadmap or owner’s manual, to help guide us past the land mines of spiritual consequence.  The universe of particles and spirits has rules of cause and effect that are embedded into the nature of the universe.  God has given us guideline laws of relational behavior in the 10 Commandments.  The Commandments are not requirements of behavior, rather they are a set of commandments given to men to avoid the pain of life that will naturally follow if these behaviors are followed or avoided.  

The 10 Commandments are an accurate reflection of the rules of engagement that God has given to the demonic realm as authorizations for action in the lives of men if they behave in certain ways.  God is warning us in the 10 Commandments how He has designed the universe.  In them He reveals the prescriptions and authorizations of spiritual force loosed by certain types of thought, speech, and action.  The 10 Commandments thus inform us of the eventual outcome of transgressing those commands.  

God likewise has informed us of the ways of beneficial effect.  In this He encourages us by the promises of benefit for those who live within those limits and follow His Way.  The wise human, the one who chooses to follow the path of long term gain over short term pleasure, will profit from heeding and organizing his life around these timeless eternal moral guideposts.

The Theory of Absolutes advances mechanisms that give name, form, and sequence to the spirit-based laws of the physical universe.  It likewise gives plausible mechanism to the interaction between the hearts and lives of men and the unseen spiritual forces that flow from thought, word, and deed.  The Theory at its base is an examination of the plausibility of a universe where God stands as source and author of all physical and spiritual Law.  Such a hypothesis that He has given and declared moral Law follows naturally from the assumption that there is a God, and that He in fact is the sovereign originator of space, time, mass, energy, and man himself.

Proof of the Theory:

The fundamental premise of the Theory of Absolutes rests upon the hypothesis of a universe populated with Conscious Particles, all of which sprang from His mind, and from His command.  Upon this single assumption we can build a model by which we can understand location, time, and substance.  

I have used “non-contradictory correspondence” as the standard of proof of the Theory.  I have sought to show consistency of the Theory of Absolutes with the currently accepted body of experimental evidence in the full range of human experience: the social, theological, and natural realms.

Current physical theory consists of only a catalogue of phenomenon, well described by equation and consistent with the validating body of experimental data.  While conventional physics is useful as a body of descriptive and predictive theory, it gives no insight into any fundamental eternal cause-based mechanisms that underlie phenomena.  The current physics theories do not connect the mundane reality of the physical world with the transcendent forces of spirit that give them life.  

I do not believe it is possible to derive or know God’s origin, so I am satisfied to present a theory that simply assumes that God is the creator, and then develops an understanding of the operation of the universe based upon the implications of that single assumption.  Having made that assumption, the question is then, “What was the mechanism by which God manifested the creation, and what are the mechanisms within the interactions of spirit that manifest physical law?”

Thus, our work will be to develop a body of rules of spiritual interaction that these spirit points must follow to result in the phenomena we see in the physical universe.  Since, if the universe is built upon the behavior of a set of spirit points, we can plausibly attribute that behavior to rules which God has embedded within them.  The rules of behavior between individual particles must have the bulk effect of manifesting the phenomena of the material and psychic world.  Thus, our goal is to arrive at a set of spirit-based rules that give object, rule, and process-based explanations to questions such as,  “What is mass?”  “What is time?”  “Why do objects move after collision?” “Why do charges attract or repel each other?”

Again, the current physics provides an excellent description of phenomena, but it does not give us any insight into the connection between the world of matter and spirit.  One of the goals of the Theory is to provide this bridge.  The ultimate hope and purpose of this project is to provide implications of the Theory which would give insight into the realm of appropriate human behavior.  

The search for a Unified Field Theory is an effort to show that all forces arise from a single phenomenon, but even this level of unification does not connect spirit with matter, it only shows that the laws of nature are less complicated than they appear on their surface.  In effect, the Theory of Absolutes is looking for a single source for all phenomena, physical and spiritual, and to show that all things come from God and follow His Law.

Again, the Theory of Absolutes seeks to unify physics with the assumption that God is the source of all particles and natural laws.  The central structural entity composing this world of spirit is the set of all Conscious Particles, which follow the God-established rules of interaction and movement.  In their complexity of interaction, they manifest all particle and field phenomena.  Likewise, complexity is the key to manifesting many particulate manifestations from the few elemental spirit-based particles (DPs, GPs, and FPs).  

Elements of variety needed to manifest the physical universe:

The design of the universe requires a minimum amount of complexity to create the desired level of uncertainty to make it plausible that God does not exist.  Some considerations which would contribute to a complex world include:

In the proof/description of the system (i.e. the completeness of the Theory of Absolutes), the rules developed to describe/document God’s rules must allow for the physical phenomena seen by experiment.

Rules of Particle Interaction:

Each Dipole Particle emits a message (via a message-carrying Force Particle) that is perceived by other particles.  Each Dipole Particle has Force Particles arriving from every part of the universe, coming from every direction, carrying various forces (+/- charge, N/S magnetic orientation, and gravitic pull).  Each Dipole Particle integrates the effects of all these particles arriving each Moment, and in turn moves in response to the summation of these various messages.  Every particle emits Force Particles every Moment, generating them out of notion but their creative power of consciousness.  The Force Particle is thus a point of spirit consciousness just like the particle from which it originated.  Every Dipole Particle receives Force particles each Moment, and integrates their total force (magnitude and direction).  The DPs moves in response to the sum total of the force-influences acting upon them.  

Thus, the Conscious Particles (Dipole Particles – DPs) must have awareness to perceive the presence of the incoming Force Particles.  Each DP must have the processing capability to understand the message, and then integrate all the instructions coming from the Force Particles each moment.  The DP must then have the capability of movement, and have a standard by which the amount of movement proceeds at each moment in proportion to the force acting on the DP each Moment.  

The standard of distance is held by the Matrix Grid Points (Grid Points).  The Grid Points are spaced at the minimum increment of distance, which may be the Planck Distance of 1.6x10-35 meters.  The Grid points are the markers of movement, and the movement between Grid Points is the smallest increment of movement.  

The smallest increment of time is the Moment, and it may be of duration equal to the Planck Time, which is 5.39x10-44 seconds.  Time is composed of cycles of perception, processing, and action.  The amount of movement each Moment is computed by each DP based upon the number, type, and direction of the impinging Force Particles.  

Light travels at the fastest speed in a vacuum, which is defined as 299,792,458 m/sec.  That velocity is governed by the electromagnetic nature/properties of space itself; namely the inductive () and capacitive () nature of space (c=1/).  

The Force Particles themselves are subject to absorption and reemission by the positive and negative Dipole Particles at each Moment.  Thus, complex electromagnetic particles such as photons, which are composed of an organized pattern of Force Particles acting on and aligning the DPs, will likewise be subject to the  and  of the space thru which it travels.  

The  and  of space, the electrical and capacitive nature of space, is governed by the intensity of the electromagnetic and gravitational field present at any location.  Given that the local speed of light is the rate at which particles communicate, the  and  of the space therefore governs the transmission of all types of force messages including electric charge, magnetic orientation , and gravitational direction.  The  and  of space affect the absolute velocity of mass, the absolute duration of a second, and the absolute length of a meter, when comparing these units between a vacuum frame, and an electromagnetically stressed frame.

The DPs and FPs are fundamental entities, and their interaction is the fundamental process that causes, 1) the congealing of particulate mass (e.g. electrons, atoms, molecules…), 2) the storage of energy in its various forms (the organization of DPs and FPs to form particles and waves in various assemblies of order), and 3) the transformation between particulate and electromagnetic entities (e.g. Pair Production, Pair Annihilation…).

The Theory of Absolutes proposes that the conscious particle concepts provide an adequate set of axioms about the nature of the physical universe to provide a framework upon which all phenomena in classical and modern physics can be given logical explanation.  Thus, the Conscious Particles, and the rules upon which they operate, can be used to give explanation to mechanics, particle physics, field theory, quantum mechanics, and relativity.  

The Dipole Particles emit Force Particles, which carry the message of electrical, magnetic, and gravitic interaction.  On this elemental level, each of these forces produces a change in position proportional to its magnitude.  

The Force Particles deliver a message to DPs (and in turn to whole assemblies of DPs such as electrons, atoms, etc) to “move” in certain directions.  A larger number of Force Particles pushing in one direction increases the displacement in that Moment, thus the rate of movement.  

There is an agreement between particles to act in compliance with the “law of force” which God has embedded within each conscious particle.  This law requires a particle to displace from its current position a distance proportional to the magnitude of the force applied to it.  

The forces operating at the level of the elemental particles (The DPs and the FPs) produce only displacement proportional to Force, whereas, forces operating at the macro-level produce acceleration.  This will be explained later by the kinetic energy effect, which entails the storage of electromagnetic energy around every moving particle.  Once produced, the Kinetic Energy field continues to apply the same amount of Force on the moving particle each moment, thus producing a constant velocity.  The addition of more force produces acceleration that produces an increase in velocity each moment, and a corresponding increase in the storage of energy in the Kinetic Energy field.

An example of the continual application of force is seen by dropping a ball under the influence of the gravitic field at the surface of the earth.  The ball has a constant force operating on it each Moment, and will therefore accelerate at 9.8 meters/sec².  The ball will add velocity and therefore energy to its Kinetic Energy field each Moment.  Integrated together, the continually applied force will produce a ball traveling an additional 9.8 meters/second faster after each passing second.  The equation for velocity as it relates to acceleration is v = a∙t.

Every Dipole Particle generates Force Particles which carry an electrical, magnetic, and gravitic message.  Thus, all compound particles (electrons, neutrons, protons, mesons...) likewise exhibit these properties.  The net force generated by a compound particle is determined by the vector addition and subtraction of all the elemental forces acting within the particle.

All forces are mediated by the Force Particles.  A fixed number of Force Particles emanate spherically from the Dipole Particles each moment, and travel at the speed of light away from their points of origin.  The speed of these force-bearing particles is governed by the rate at which electrical and magnetic fields are processed by the fundamental particles in each increment of space.  

The rate of electrical and magnetic response is dependent upon the capacitive and inductive nature of each increment of space, which in turn is dependent upon the amount of electrical and magnetic field stress already present in that space.  This electromagnetic stress on space can be applied by:

The absolute metric of distance is established by a matrix of Grid Points embedded in every volume of space.  The Grid Points give a solid foundation to the increments of distance, but these absolute distance increments are invisible to the human-level/macro-world perspective.  Rather, we must use the speed of light as our measurement marker of distance and the passage of time, hence the common conception of space-time and their inextricable relationship.  

The rate of processing of EM signals by the underlying Dipole Particles determines how fast a signal travels in the local space.  In turn, physical phenomena proceed at a proportionally higher or lower rate within a space depending on that local speed of light.

Macro-environments such as planetary velocity and gravity, affect the local speed of light uniformly throughout the region of their effect.  Thus, all experiments, observations, and interactions in the test-frames in that space are affected uniformly.  But, the effect is sufficiently linear, at least at low velocities and modest gravitational fields, that the laws of physics produce the same experimental results, regardless of the velocity of the laboratory frame, or the gravitational field of its macro-environment.  Hence, Einstein’s famous statement that the speed of light is isotropic in every inertial reference frame.

Again, the space-time relationship is inherent to the speed of light and transmission of information and force.  The resultant actions proceeding from these speed of light forces gives the macro-world its markers by which to measure both increments of time and increments of space.  The standard of time (1 second) is measured in terms of the increment of elapsed time corresponding to 9,192,631,770 cycles of a particular emission from excited Cesium 133 atoms.  

Likewise, the standard of distance (1 meter) is defined as the distance corresponding to 1,650,763.73 wavelengths of the orange-red emission line in the electromagnetic spectrum of the krypton-86 atom in a vacuum.  

The velocity of light (EM radiation) is dependent upon the capacitive and inductive nature of each local environment.  Thus, a yardstick will appear to be the same length in every environment.  But, if the absolute number of Grid Points spanned were counted in a high gravitational field or at a high absolute velocity, and compared to a low gravity/low velocity frame, the absolute numbers of Grid points would be smaller.   

Thus, any local environment with an increased inductive and capacitive saturation of the space will be subject to the relativistic alteration of the number of absolute processing cycles required for light to traverse a given unit (e.g. 1 meter) of local space.  The greater the EMG (Electro-Magnetic-Gravitational) stress, the smaller the absolute span of a given increment of measurement (i.e. the meter stick will not span as many Grid Points in stressed space).

Thus, compared to the Absolute Frame (choosing one Grid Point from the whole set of Matrix Grid Points), where space is at its least stress, light will travel slower in stressed space.  Light will cover a shorter Absolute distance in the same number of Moments in stressed space.  Light will take longer to travel the same absolute distance in stressed space.

The effect of stressed space is invisible inside the local environment.  Thus, when measuring time (such as with a matter-based measure of time like the Cesium 133 atomic clock), distance (Platinum meter bar), or velocity (speed of light) inside any local frame, these local macro-measurements appear to be identical in each local environment.  But, compared to the Absolute Frame, each measurement is different, corresponding to different numbers of Grid Points, and Moments.

The dependence of the appearance of time and distance on inductive and capacitive delay of information transfer hides the Absolute Frame of time and space.  In the Absolute Frame, the standards of time and space appear identical to those in stressed space.  

There is little asymmetry present in the stressed frame, compared to the Absolute Frame.  Every laboratory frame, regardless of the level of stress (due to field, velocity, or mass) appears to be using the same standards of measurement, hence the difficulty in detecting, or even confirming the existence of the Absolute Frame.  The result is that the notion of the Absolute Frame has been eliminated from consideration by the physics community.

The existence of the Absolute Frame has been hidden beneath the camouflage of similarity that pervades every laboratory frame.  This disguise obscures the fact that the underlying Absolute state of the conductive medium is altered.  This disguise holds well because physical laws maintain uniformity in the Absolute and Stressed Frames.  But in actuality, an object spans a different number of Grid Points, and an event transpires over a different number of Moments.

The universal clock tick (the Moment) is the measure by which all particles in the universe conduct their processing steps (perception/reception, processing, and action).  Thus, in a more highly stressed volume of space, a beam of light traverses less distance during each cycle.  

Likewise, electromagnetic and gravitational fields transit a smaller number of Absolute distance increments (Grid Points) per processing cycle in a more highly stressed space.  As a result, time measuring machines such as atomic clocks will register the slower passage of local time.  We see evidence of this phenomenon in the appearance of slower passage of time as measured by atomic clocks at Sea Level compared to those in mile high Denver Colorado where the gravity is weaker.

An alternate explanation of the phenomenon is whether the Grid Points or the DPs are the absolute measure of distance.  If the background concentration of DPs is uniform, then the DP concentration itself could be the measure of distance.  But, DPs clearly have a gradient of concentration in areas of mass, compared to free space.  So, to use the inter-DP distance as the standard of distance would require the measurement of density in a large volume to determine an average local density, which would then establish the Absolute metric of distance.  Such a method seems complex, thus in the Theory of Absolutes we shall take the Absolute Frame to be the Grid Points, and simply use these marker-points to establish the metric of distance.  

In the Theory of Absolutes, we hypothesize that DPs emit Force Particles, which are the messengers that carry force.  The DPs absorb and reemit the Force Particles at each Moment (the length of the complete perception, processing, and action cycle).  

The length of time (number of processing cycles) it takes for the DP to complete its electrical and magnetic orientation, and then pass that change on, determines the speed of light in each local environment.  In an unstressed vacuum space, there may be around 1045 processing cycles (Moments) each second, with increments of distance of 10-36 meters (1036 Grid Points per meter) available for each distance step.  Thus, in stressed space, the signal is delayed as it is processed by the electromagnetic reorientation of the DPs prior to reemission.

Alternatively, the Force Particles may have their incremental advancement reduced each moment compared to the increment traversed each moment in unstressed space.  The Force Particles influence all of the DPs through which they transit, and have a beginning and ending point at each Moment.  The FPs count the total number of FP-DP interactions had by the DPs encountered in the Moment of transit.  ***The FP only transits a distance equal to the total number of FP-DP interactions as would be encountered in unstressed space.  This would produce the equivalent effect of the inductive-capacitive nature of a local space governing the speed of light through a space.

Force is carried by Force Particles, and as they radiate farther spherically from each DP at each Moment, their concentration per unit area diminishes at each increment as they travel radially from the source.  Thus, the underlying nature of the particle-emitting DPs automatically produces the effect of the inverse square law reduction of force with distance.  Therefore, the theoretical and observed force produced by a point source is proportional to 1/r² (where r = radial distance from the spherically emitting source).

The force-bearing particle, when it arrives and is present in the space of a DP, produces its appropriate electrical, magnetic, and/or gravitic response.  Thus, the motive action producing acceleration is the compliance of each DP with the embedded law governing such response.  The command to “move” produces action because the target particle follows its movement-response instruction set.  That is, movement arises out of compliance with the embedded law.

The balance of the elaboration of the Theory will continue to elaborate, expand upon, and explore how forces add and respond in various particulate and field configurations.  We shall likewise continue to examine the implications of a spirit-based universe in the affairs of mankind.

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