The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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Momentum, Mass, Inertia
and EM Fields

By: Thomas Lee Abshier, ND

The EM fields associated with charge, momentum, and mass are anchored to the electron and positron prior to their annihilation collision and the formation of ã rays.  This piece of data gives us an important clue about the nature of mass and momentum.  By analyzing the relationship between the charged particle, its fields, and its interaction with the surrounding Dipole Lattice, we can understand how ordinary matter carries momentum, and how it transfers momentum in collisions.  

In summary, the effect of mass, momentum and inertia arises because of these factors:

  1. The presence of a free charged particle (unbound by the forces of Pair Annihilation) will create an E field polarization of the Dipole Lattice surrounding the charge.
  2. The presence of a free magnetic particle will create an external B Field that magnetically aligns the Lattice magnetic particles
  3. When the mass (the charged-magnetic particle) moves in the Lattice, the movement creates an E and B field in response.  A dynamic E & B field behind the particle pushes the particle to continue its movement.  A dynamic E&B field in front of the article opposes the accelerating forces behind the particle.  Thus, the dynamic tension of a forward and reverse acting force produces the steady state inertia of Newton’s third law.  (A body in motion will retain its motion unless acted on by an outside force.)