Thank you for taking an interest in my Theory of Absolutes Blog.  I am so glad that you’re here and look forward to reading your contributions to the conversation.

I have spent a lifetime considering these concepts.  The content I have created is meant to empower and inform Christians and non-Christians about the evidence that God is Real.  This site is for you, whether you’re a new believer, a person mature in the faith, hold sincerely to another faith, or have doubts, skepticism, and disbelief about the premises, accuracy, consistency with science, or philosophical implications.  Whatever your perspective, if you are a thinker, a seeker of truth, a person with an open mind, welcome, this is the site for you.  No belief is too heretical, and no doubt is off limits. No belief or too blasphemous, that it cannot be sincerely expressed as a question or a call for help to understand.  Hearty, sincere discourse is welcome.

The purpose of the site is to allow each soul to personally/internally/deeply develop a fully grounded understanding of the Christian worldview and thereby come to a saving/transforming/cleansing faith in Christ.  This is a site about ideas, not about personalities.  Thus, ad hominem attacks and rude language will not be posted.  Comments that violate these standards will be filtered and rewritten to comply with this boundary condition.  For example, it is appropriate to say, “xyz behavior is bad, because of abc principle.”  Or, “Church/cult/preacher, xyz believes that doctrine abc, but it is unbiblical, wrong, unethical, harmful… because of jkl principles.”

This site was written for you.  My purpose is to serve God in bringing the Kingdom on Earth by the sanctification of one soul at a time.  You are important, and your opinion, or question, is valuable because your opinion is important to you, and it must be considered.  By sharing your perspective, experience, and/or your logic someone else may be helped that has the same question or obstacle to belief.  The goal is to support each other in the hearty/enthusiastic/committed action in bringing Christ to the community.
In the past, we have been too timid/meek/humble as Christians.  There is clear scriptural direction that we should be gentle as doves and wise as serpents.  The world has learned to use the virtue and honor of Christians against them.  We must counter the deception of Satan with wisdom, and recognize the time for confrontation vs turning the other cheek.  It is time to take our faith into the world, and influence elections for representatives and the resultant legislation.
This site is meant to teach people how to live Godly lives.  I have some experience, as a doctor and counselor, I saw many people, and I believe I learned some things about what may be right behavior.   and your participation is welcome, whether you are trying to resolve questions about the Bible and Christianity, or accepted the Word as 100% true, or consider the Bible a book of fables and human-created myths.  You are welcome to offer your thoughts, logic, reasons, facts, and opinions.  You are welcome to ask questions, or to answer questions.  This is a debate that will never end.  There will always be another issue to examine.  But, the goal of the Theory of Absolutes is to create a body of theory and reasoning that can be used as a reference source for scholars, seekers, and historians through the ages.  Thus, if you have questions about any aspect of Christianity, applied to any area of life, this is the place to bring out your consideration.
The Blog contents will be added to Social Media sites.  Thus, some comments and topics may receive a large amount of participation and scrutiny.  Please include your logic behind your questions, answers, and comments.  If you have a feeling that “xyz is true or false,” it is OK to make that statement, but after you clearly identify your subjective comments as feelings/opinion, please attempt to justify your feelings with your facts, sources, observations, theories, arguments, logic, and reasons for your feelings.  Feelings are just our body’s response to our value system, and perceptions of the world – feelings do not prove a perspective or validate a belief.   They may be meaningful to you, but other people cannot perceive your feelings.  Rather, others are persuaded by facts, reason, and logic.
The topics considered in the Theory of Absolutes Site are unlimited if it relates to God, belief, Truth, morality, the Kingdom, the Bible, ultimate reality, the essence of the natural and supernatural, etc.  I will personally be reading books, watching movies, listening to songs, watching the news, listening to webinars, having personal experiences and conversations, etcetera, which I will be making commentary upon.  I invite others to do the same.  I have a perspective that I am advocating, educating, arguing for, reasoning, justifying.  I am attempting to plant a seed in the Christian community that can serve as the foundation of a movement.  I want to provide a unifying paradigm for the Christian community to rally around.
Because I am an American, my focus is on returning America to its founding faith, and restoration of the heritage of our Founding Fathers.  But, God loves every single soul, and desires that none should perish.  The efforts of one man may be enough for him to resist the temptations of this world and save himself by holding onto the promises of Christ.  But, to save a nation, to create the stabilizing and self-protective strength of a colony, large numbers must assemble/unit in common purpose – each supplying the skill he has to support the desired end.  If we, the people who are called by His name, are to present a church for Him, without spot or wrinkle, we must unify and then each use our skills in service of a common goal.
That goal is the sanctification of government, politics, economy, medicine, psychology, education, and philosophy in a common embrace of the general principles of Christianity. When the people ask for a government that serves them in legislation of Godly laws, judges offenses of those boundaries Rightly, and executes the expenditures of the public funds and policies in accord with the will of a Christian people, the land will overflow with prosperity, peace, and health.

Please direct your commentary toward manifesting that goal.  Does the discussion move us toward a plan, way of being, that moves the body of Christ toward that goal?  If so, then bring you the most relevant content we’re capable of producing. And because we value your input, feedback, and perspective we’ve made the decision to maintain an active comment section for 60 days after each post is published.

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In short, this is not a counseling or medical blog that can answer your urgent or chronic health, relationship, financial, or legal issues.  The only service this blog provides is an attempted interpretation of the spirit of the Bible as it may apply to various aspects. of life.

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