By: Margo Diann Nissley-Abshier, ND

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From: Ron
To: Dr Margo
Sent: Saturday, December 31, 2011 3:08 PM
Subject: Showboating Evangelical Elites Split With Congregations on Issues – Rachel Alexander – Townhall Conservative

Dr Margo, It seems to me that the definition of Evangelical has changed from what it was 25 years ago. I thought Christians were primarily supposed to be concerned about saving people’s souls. Apparently, political posturing is now the in thing. I don’t recall Jesus telling the Romans how to run their empire.

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From: Dr Margo
To: Ron
Sent: Saturday, December 31, 2011 4:15 PM
Subject: Re: Showboating Evangelical Elites Split With Congregations on Issues – Rachel Alexander – Townhall Conservative

Dear Ron, Nope, you are wrong my friend. It was the separation of evangelism from politics in this nation that has led to all our current political problems. Jesus’ primary focus was “the Kingdom of God” and not getting people “saved” by saying a sinners prayer, but we were to “make disciples of all men teaching them to do all that Jesus taught.” Those things that Jesus taught ARE the Kingdom of God and we are to bring that Kingdom and God’s will to earth. We are to occupy until His return. Clearly, Christians were killed by the Romans because they had King Jesus and His Kingdom as their first priority and not Caesar. You could even say that Jesus died because of His loyalty to the Kingdom of God (and His covenant with the Father that was to then spread to include us in that miraculous covenant). The battle cry of the Revolutionary War was “No King but King Jesus.” That’s what the founders thought and that is how their preachers and the Bible taught them to do government. Most of the Old Testament and New Testament are lessons in good government and economics. The “separation of church and state” lie is what has caused so many Christians to not vote, and to be so damned “spiritual” and selfish that they are no earthly good to anyone, especially no earthly good to the Kingdom or to God or others. That is part of what we are learning in our classes at SW Hills Baptist. Your view of “separation” is a huge lie foisted on the church in about the 1930s It has led to the church abdicating its role in controlling media and entertainment and government to prevent the spread of cultural license, and that, much to the detriment of the culture and the whole society. It is single-handedly the reason for the whole mess in the nation today. When the church stopped being political salt and light, the culture rotted in the darkness of its absence.
Now, “liberation theology” is communism dressed up like lipstick on a pig, posing as Christianity, when in fact it is the diabolical opposite of Biblical Christianity and Constitutionalism. And, that is a different animal than Christianity. These are pseudo “evangelical” organizations who are trying to rob taxpayers to pay the slothful to vote for bread and circuses, and in order to line their own pockets with the fruits of their corruption, and they are deliberately designed to destroy the nation from within like the Trojan Horse that they are.
A revelation that I had since I sent out that article on Jews, Communists and the Democrat Party, was the similarity between those liberal Jews and liberal Catholics. We got a weird Christmas letter from some Catholic friends this week that was not only bizarre but scary how they think. I guess what I am seeing is that Catholics like this Pope – Top – Down order of things. I guess that is what I have seen with some of Rick Santorum’s ideas, that I don’t agree with too. I think the attraction of Catholics and Jews to Communism is a love of totalitarian control, a sense that if you don’t worship some people as superior to you, and if you don’t let them control you, that the world will just fall apart. And, they are both accustomed to creating a large community that will fund huge group activities to promote their favorite totalitarian or labor union people. The Protestant approach is very much, “let the invisible hand of God order the free market and the more freedom you give, while not giving in to license or lawlessness, leads to more prosperity and goodness for the nation as a whole.” And, the Protestant approach is more centered around the importance of the individual over the group, and more specific ideals than general concepts, so there is less unity among Protestants who are more in tune with their differences and less likely to tolerate a group that will use or manipulate them for the “collective good.” Totally different approaches.

P.S. Protestants see themselves as Kings and Priests as individuals, not needing either, but responsible for fulfilling both roles in their lives and their nation.