Thomas Lee Abshier, ND

Principles of a Christian Nation:
 Return to acknowledging Christianity as our moral, societal, legal foundation
 Reject “Separation of Church and State”
 Establish law based upon Christian principles.
 Return our nation to Godly rule under the Lordship of Jesus Christ
 Influence the culture by reason for Godliness
 Liberty is the Fruit of Righteousness
 Freedom is the Reward for Godliness
 Serve your God and Country through Daily Personal Righteousness
 Preach the Good News of Christ to the Whole World, to People of all Faiths

States Rights:
 Return the relationship of States and Federal government to the 10th Amendment template
 Return the Federal Government to Constitutionally authorized scope as per the Founders’ intent, as per the 9th, 10th, and 11th Amendments.
 Strip the Commerce clause of its universal applicability to all activities of all people, and return it to its intent of keeping trade “regular”
 Amend the Constitution to expand the scope of Federal Government if such powers are deemed necessary.
 State power over all issues moral issues (drug use, sexual conduct, abortion, euthanasia…)
 State powers over all social organization issues such as: health care, education, environment, energy…

Legislating Morality:
 All moral/behavioral laws shall be the purview of local and State governments.
 All vices: tobacco, alcohol, drugs, pornography, gambling, prostitution… shall be regulated by State and Local law, not Federal.

Line item veto
 One concept one bill
 All bills read in Congress before voting on them
 All bills posted on the Internet prior to voting, and delayed on their vote until the public debate has come to a cultural consensus.

Stop Judicial Activism:
 Amend the Constitution, do not bend or rewrite it by Judicial Activism
 Support for the Constitution Restoration Act of 2004, HR 3799
 Remove the Supreme Court’s jurisdiction to rule on Constitutional issues pertaining to God
 Legislation: Reverse Everson v. Board of Education (1947 Supreme Court Ruling introducing the historically unknown concept, & opposite to the intention of the Founders,“Separation of Church and State”)

Acknowledge that we are a Christian Nation:
 Christian principles as moral foundation for law and social relationships
 Return to America’s Foundation as a Christian Nation
 Teach children our Christian heritage
 The Constitution viewed as the a distillation of Biblical principles
 Christian Principles as the governing pattern for Executive orders, Legislation, Judicial decisions, and Administrative law

National Sovereignty:
 Reverse trends in toward Globalism, New World Order, Socialism
 Break treaties that violate the US Constitution

 Positive identification
 Auditable paper trail for all votes

 All domestic electronic, written, voice communications shall be private,
 Exceptions: conspiracy to commit illegal or revolutionary activities.

Economic Recovery and Prosperity:
 Free Market, Capitalist economy, with transparent accountability.
 Trading equivalency
 Energy Independence
 Domestic manufacturing capability
 Financial independence

Foreign Trade:
 Apply tariff to level imports that equalize costs associated with US mandated environmental, legal, regulatory burdens
 Corporate tax rate equivalent to foreign industrialized nations

 Transfer all Federal programs to private charitable responsibility, e.g. Churches, service organizations, non-profits.
 Personal contact and accountability to peer and group structure.
 Remove incentives for single parenthood.
 Divorce as a lengthy and costly procedure, unless with cause.

 Penitence from penitentiary, and Corrections from corrections institutions
 Bible instruction, counseling, skill and relationship development.
 Repayment of debt to the victims or society.

 17% flat tax, Fair Tax, National Sales Tax, to Provide for the common defense, and promote the general welfare for ourselves and our posterity.

 The President may use the Marines for police actions, but protracted actions should be considered by Congress.

War on Terror:
 Properly identify the enemy as Militant Islam
 Vanquish the enemy, and preach the Gospel

 Close the borders to illegal immigration
 A society can only exist as long as it maintains its integrity.
 The goal is leadership as a Godly nation, not unity and conformity

 English only as our national language, no dual language option
 Schools, voting, phone messages, product brochures, all in English

 A State’s rights issue. Let the people decide on issues of morality.
 Ban Abortion except when mother’s life is actually endangered (e.g. ectopic pregnancy)
 Carrying a child/life once conceived is a Service to God – not just an inconvenience or a choice
 Oppose Euthanasia, Fetal Stem Cell Research, and Human Cloning
 Support for Traditional Marriage
 Support Defense of Marriage Amendments
 No Hate Speech legislation criminalizing criticism of homosexuality
 State and local laws to regulate or allow sexual behavior, e.g. Adultery, homosexuality, incest, pederasty, etc.
 Repeal of no-fault divorce – recognize the effect and consequence of marital misbehavior.  Marriage is not just a business contract.

Energy Independence:
 Remove domestic drilling restrictions, drill in ecologically sensitive manner
 Full tax deduction for development of alternative energy with accountability and report on expenditures.
 Research toward Hydrogen-based transportation systems
 Methanol as a bridge fuel (“Energy Victory” by Robert Zubrin)

 Investment in the Godly Countries, and Prosperity through Nation Building
 Overcome world poverty by investment in 3rd World Infrastructure Development
 Nation Building through Missions, Energy, and Industrialization

 Environmental Stewardship & Ecosystem Maintenance
 Recycling Clean Energy, Co-Farming, Habitat protection, Desert reclamation, & Proper Forest Management
 Balance between Nature Preservation & Human Needs
 Nature is God’s Gift to Man, it Must be Respected
 Proper Compensation by Government for Appropriated Land
 Midwest Aquifer Depletion & Southwest Drought
 Encourage R&D and implementation of Solar-Desalinization Technologies

 Medical Efficacy Evaluation of Alternative & Conventional Medical Treatment
 National “Outcome-Feedback System”
 Medical Cost Reductions through Preventive Lifestyle Incentives
 Discretionary Medical Savings Accounts to Access Alternative Care

2nd Amendment:
 Support for the Right to Bear Arms for defense against criminals and tyranny
 Education and training in proper use, and time to use, of firearms
 Local militia membership for all adults in defense of homeland – use Switzerland as a model

 K-12 Implement programs with proven success.
 Non-denominational Godly precept instruction is the foundation of education
 Choice & Competition in Education (Public, Charter, & Home Schools)
 Displaced worker retraining by industry. Training enables Productivity
 Education throughout a Lifetime